August 12, 2019


Cole Bay, St. Maarten


Sister Fiso

Group email #50

Happy Monday everyone!
Hope you all had a fantastic week, mine was great! I am so grateful to be serving here in St. Martin. I have truly been strengthened by the member's faith and strength on this little island. Just this last week Sister Fiso and I have encountered a lot of families that went through a lot of trauma and loss due to hurricane Irma. One family in particular was sharing their experience and I just felt overwhelming love for them. One thing that I have recognized while serving here for the past while is that trials will come in our lives and we can decide to be bitter or better. When we are going through difficulties, God is always there but often times I find myself wanting to pull away. I have learned the hard way that this just adds more hurt. In our trials and hardships we need to lean on the Savior, make him our companion and he will never leave us or forsake us. Many people here have shared that when they felt like they had no hope, and the future looked bleak they prayed to God and they started to feel peace and comfort.
Something I have recently been thinking about is our relationship with God and Jesus Christ. If we do not have a foundation set then the storms of the world will easily set us off the path. As we do the small and simple things we can be sure that we have the power and help in our lives that we need in trying times.
This week the missionaries on the island had the privilege to sing If the Savior Stood Beside Me, and we sang in Tahitian, French and Spanish. It was beautiful and as we sang I felt the spirit so strongly, I looked out to all the wonderful families and members and again filled with such an overwhelming love for all of them. I am grateful foe the opportunity to serve here, with Sister Fiso. This is such an exciting time to be alive, sharing the gospel!

Some cool street art on french side!
We celebrated our Oma, Gloria's 86th Birthday!
Love you all!


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