July 29, 2019


Cole Bay, St. Maarten


Sister Fiso

Group email #48

Hello Everyone!
Today it is super rainy in St.Maarten, there was a fairly bad storm and our street had a bit of flash-flooding.We went grocery shopping this morning and the water started leaking through the roof and they had to start covering the items with tarps, it was a wild experience. We are all safe so no need to worry though. This week has been crazy, but really great. We had the Sister Training Leaders from St.Lucia visit, they are so sweet. My old companion Sister Fauver came and Sister Penell! On friday morning I was out with Sister Fauver, we decided to go to an area I haven't been to and there were so many people that were interested in our message. We met a wonderful family, their little kids were outside and we started playing with them, we shared a bit of our message and the kids really wanted to come to church, we are excited to go back and teach them! The Lord blessed us while we were on trade-offs and I am so grateful that we were able to meet so many wonderful people here. As I was reflecting this week I was trying to see how I could tell if I am an effective missionary. In preach my gospel it says that a couple ways we can measure this is if we feel the spirit working through us and if we have developed Christ-like attributes. I have been trying my best to make small changes in order to be more worthy of the spirit so I can be in-tune with it's promptings to help others. It is so important to stay focused on helping others come closer to Christ but it is equally important that as a missionary that I am also seeking to strengthen my own testimony. Everyday my companion and I invite others to change and repent. Living the gospel of Jesus Christ is a way of life and takes effort each and everyday. I am so grateful for the gospel, i am so much happier when I am actively striving to come closer to God and Jesus Christ.

We went over to a family, two of their kids are recent converts and they made creole food for us and it was amazing! On the mission, if you aren't eating two plates then you don't enjoy it. So let's just say my stomach has definitely expanded. I am really excited for our area, Cole Bay and this week. each week seems to be better than the last!
Sister MacDonald


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