July 2, 2019


Cole Bay, St. Maarten


Sister Fiso

Group email #45

Hello Everyone!

Yesterday was Emancipation Day and Canada Day! Hope everyone was able to celebrate, I am the only Canadian in my Zone but everyone was super nice and wished me a Happy Canada Day!
We had P-Day today and we got together with the Elders and played ping pong on a table and set up books for a net, it was actually pretty fun haha. This week has been a trying but great week. Some of our friends have been hard to meet with, our phone connection has caused some problems. We have been working hard to teach repentance and brings others closer to Christ through baptism but we have been struggling to find those that are ready to make those changes. This doesn't mean that our companionship is giving up, or that we are wasting our time, but in these times I think it is so important I remember who I am serving with. I am here laboring in Christ's Vineyard, this is His work and so as long as I rely on him, I cannot fail. Sometimes despite our efforts, and hard work we do not see the results we want. This week I have felt the Savior guide me, and my companionship. Sometimes the most important thing we can do is rely on the Savior, and put in the work to know him better. I recently heard this and love it so much! Be a companion with Christ and He will draw near unto you , there is no better friend than Christ. I am so grateful to be here, this week we had the privilege to go to a family home evening at the Davis's. Their daughter Amelia's mom said that Sister MacDonald is her favorite because she love the restaurant McDonald's, I said hey I'll take it to be her favorite. It was super funny haha. There are great things happening here and I am so grateful to be here and serve on St.Maarten. Transfers are coming up next week and so I will update you all on where I will be!

Sister MacDonald


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