May 27, 2019


Cole Bay, St. Maarten


Kimmie Hamner

Group email #40

Hello everyone, this week was super good! We got transfer calls and I am staying on St. Maarten!! I am so pumped to be here another transfer I am staying with Sister Hamner and we are having an additional sister, Sister Fiso to join us! We had a cool miracle so we contacted a family one night and they were really cool and we got their contact info. and then we decided to pass this week. When we went we had about 10 minuted before we had to go to a meeting but we go to the house to check and no one is home, but a lady comes out and she says she hasn't seen a family there at all. She lives in the upper part of the house and invited us to come back the next day. We met with her and her kids and they are so sweet. She opened up to us and has a true desire to feel God's love in her life. We have had a couple of lessons and we showed up and asked if she needed any help and at that moment her house was messy form her two kids and the smallest had been really sick so we swept, mopped and did her dishes and she was so grateful. I know God is aware of us and we were what she needed and because we listened to the spirit we were able to be instruments in His hands. We have met so many wonderful people this week. We were driving late at night last week and needed directions to the nearest gas station, we asked this man he was super nice and went on his way. A couple of nights ago we ran into him again and thanked him and invited him to church. He came to church that Sunday and the members were so awesome about making him feel welcome. I am so excited to be a part of this work and I have gained a testimony of how important it is that we are worthy and in-tune with the spirit so we can be the Lord's hands and helpers here on earth. Oh and we also visited SIster Richardson who is a wonderful member and she let us see seashells and lives by the sea, we love her!
Sister MacDonald


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