May 20, 2019


Cole Bay, St. Maarten


Kimmie Hamner

Group email #39

Hello Everyone, sorry for the lack of communication lately but I have a lot to update you on! There were so many miracles, we were looking through the area book one night where others put a little information about others that have been taught in the past. So we randomly call her and she actually meets us at a grocery store and helps us find her house in the hills and we have one of the best lessons ever. She was so sincere and loved the Elders in the past, but after the hurricane they lost all contact with her. So we re-invited her to read the Book of Mormon and come to church. She is going to prepare for baptism and is the sweetest lady. OS then the miracle continues we call all our friends and go out of our way to get two of them to church and right before our one friend cancelled and we both were super sad. Our friend called right after and we walked with him to church and while we were there Ruth and her friend Yemelle walk in. Yamelle said that the talk that was shared touched her heart and spoke directly to her, it was amazing. We are going to teach her and her family, I am so excited!! One of the most excited parts of this week is Joe got baptized!! He was so prepared and the day was so special. So funny story though, Sister Hamner and I were practicing a musical number and getting a few things prepared we were super busy and we go to check the font and... it had overflowed ya'll. The whole freaken church was being baptized and it was bad ahha. The plug has to be taken out kinda like a tub and Sister Hamner goes in, it was too deep so I then go in and the water has gone all over the church at this point. SO 30 minutes before the service, water is all over so we start mopping everywhere and pushing the water out. SO despite the craziness members all started to help when they came and Joe and the Reber's were actually a tad late and everything was simply damp by the time they came. The service was beautiful, and the spirit was so strong. Joe is such a good example to me of committing to follow Jesus Christ, he has seriously been such a great example to his family and others. God is so good, and the Gospel of Jesus Christ changes lives forever!

I would love to hear about all your miracles and lives, and thank you for your prayers and support!

Love Sister MacDonald


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