April 8, 2019


Cole Bay, St. Maarten


Sister Johnson

Group email #35

This week I have seen so many miracles!
First of all, we ran into a wonderful friend we have not seen for about four weeks in a parking lot and he said why haven't you come by? I was so happy, we are going back tomorrow and I am pumped! We also have a 15 year old friend that we made at the basketball court and I love him! So he came on sunday to afternoon session and he wrote down so many awesome questions about God, Christ and life. We have the opportunity to go back and help him find answers to his questions and hopefully meet with his family! His family was taught in the past! Also we had bah bah bah bah.. General Conference, and it was freaken amazing! I truly felt God speaking to me through his prophet, apostles and leaders of the church. One of my favorite things in Conference was the focus on becoming and remaining disciples of the Savior. It is not enough to just coast we need to be actively giving oxygen to our fire so that it will burn bright. Christ's gospel and his atonement allows us to overcome all things and be better than before- each day! I love the scripture Ether 12: 4. I know that Jesus Christ brings hope and peace in our lives. I would love to hear all your thoughts this week about Conference and the miracles you have seen this week.
Our dear companion Sister Munlin has finished her mission and is off to Texas for a new adventure. I will miss her so much, and I am inspired by her wonderful example.
Love Sister MacDonald


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