March 18, 2019


Cole Bay, St. Maarten


Sister Johnson

Group email #32

Hello, everyone, this week was awesome!

So much happened, we have been meeting so many new people. There are a lot of Spanish speakers from the Dominican Republic, Haitians, and Dutch people and they are so cool. I am working on my French, I can officially introduce myself and the Book of Mormon. My companions have really been helping me with that!
The church building has a nice basketball court and a lot of the neighborhood kids and adults come to play. We went over to meet a young man Herby ( street name) haha and there were others playing. We started to talk to them and we met another young man named Jeff. They both joined us while we shared the Book of Mormon and how God has truly blessed our lives. Jeff asked if God really existed. That broke my heart but we shared with him how God truly does know us individually and we can come to know him as we converse with him through prayer. By the end of our discussion Jeff seemed happier he said he would read the Book of Mormon and pray. We promised that as he did that he would come to know that God truly does exist. The spirit was so sweet and I felt so happy that we had met at the church with Herby, I know there is no such thing as coincidences because God cares about all of His children!
We also have been helping put together a talent show for the Branch and community and I have been asking everyone in the street if they have a talent. A few have sung for us on the street in French and Creole it was awesome! Our good friend Jean Claude is going to sing a traditional Haitian song and I am so excited, he has never visited the church and he is going to bring his family yay! All of us missionaries are putting a number together so stay tuned haha. I will send pictures and videos next week. Oh and on Sunday I had the opportunity to speak in church, I spoke on Dean M. Davies talk - Come Listen to a Prophet's Voice. I love how he talks about the important and unique opportunity it is to have a living prophet on earth today. I would like to encourage you all to read through that talk and others in last General Conference. We truly are blessed to have inspired leaders that give us direction from God.

I hope you all have a wonderful week I would love to hear from you all, how you are doing and any miracles you have seen in the last while.

Sister MacDonald


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