February 12, 2019


Haggatt Hall - Barbados


Sister Fauvre

Group email #28

Hello everyone,

Hope everyone is having a great week! Time on the mission just flies by, we have a couple weeks left in this transfer and I feel like I barely know my new area. Our dear friend Wally who we have been teaching is progressing and really enjoying the gospel but he has been frustrated because he cannot read the Book of Mormon due to his eyesight. A member was able to burn a CD and when we gave to him he was sooo happy. He thanked us like four times and had the biggest smile ever! When we came back he had listened to 11 chapters, what a champ. Wally has such a tender heart and I know he will get baptized in the future when he feels he is ready. We also are teaching a 14 year old named Rianna and she has read 20 chapters of the Book of Mormon and she loves the plan of Salvation. She is so sweet and really wants to come to church and know God more in her life but her family is not super supportive. It is hard because she has a desire but also has to respect her parents and their beliefs but I know she will find comfort and peace as she continues to read the Book of Mormon!
Something I have come to cherish is prayer. Prayer is a two way communication with our Heavenly Father. The more open and heart felt I am while I pray the more love and guidance I feel in my life. Continue to pray with real intent and be open in your prayers and I can promise you will feel a difference.
I love Alma ch. 34 verses 15-27. I know prayer is so important, and it will open the windows of heaven!

Love Sister MacDonald


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