February 5, 2019


Haggatt Hall - Barbados


Sister Morgan

Group email #27

This week has flown by, we are keeping really busy this week and meeting a ton of new people. Let me just say everyone in Haggatt Hall is so kind. I don't think there is one person who hasn't said hi to us, even if they are not interested. We had a really cool experience we were walking back from church and it is a 40 minute walk one way, and the sun was hot but I felt prompted to stop and talk to a lady at the bus stop. While talking to her we found out that she knows Sister Morgan's family from Guyana and she said we could come back and get to know her! Afterwards I thought how by listening to that small prompting, God was able to reach out to her through us. I have seen so many time just how aware God is of all his children and how others small acts of kindness have blessed me and others. Never suppress a good thought!
This week our two friends Wally and Litton came to church. Litton is just 10 years old but loves the Book of Mormon and actively comes to church on his own! He is a great example to me!
A few fun things
1. We made Bajan Pizza with ketchup for sauce it was an 8/10
2. We played b ball with Danalley and Litton
3. Laughed a lot while doing missionary work
4. Got to see a recent convert Ryan who I taught ( on his bike- Sarah Jane haha)
5. Felt God's love for others while serving them

I hope everyone can find a time to do something thoughtful this week. I know you will find joy as you serve others!
I love hearing form you all, please write me and let me know how you all are and any insights on life, the scriptures, and awesome things happening! Thank you for your support, i could not do it without you all!

Love, Sister MacDonald


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