January 28, 2019


Haggatt Hall - Barbados


Sister Fauvre

Group email #26

Hello everyone!

This week was probably one of the busiest on my mission, there have been a lot of changes but good ones! Sister Morgan and I's area has been closed and I am really sad. We worked really hard and met a lot of awesome people but it happens sometimes. The missionaries in Oistins are still going to visit our friends so I am glad they can still learn about the gospel! Our new area is Haggatt Hall, and it is the best area. We had to clean out the whole apartment and clean it and then move two people in so it has been busy! I am excited to be with Sister Fauver and Morgan, it has been a party. i feel like I am almost back at school with my roommates. We have been learning to cook Guyanese roti and cook up rice so that has been an adventure!

We spent a lot of the week going and meeting people in our area, there are two older ladies Esther Barnette and the other, neither are members but they are so kind to us. Esther made us Mac pie, chicken and chocolate cake it was so sweet of her. she is going to teach us how to cook! I am so happy that even those that are not part of our church are so kind and loving towards us, a few of our neighbors are interested in the Book of Mormon and our message which is awesome! We had a really wonderful experience, on Sunday we went by our sweet friend Wally to read the B of M and a guy named Ryan came out. He opened up to us and told us he was having a hard time working here trying to support his son but then we shared how the gospel could truly bless him and he loved it. He asked for a book and said he was going to come to church because he knew the book was true. I am so excited to be serving in this new area, I am going to learn a lot and I love my companions!
Here is a pic of us caught in the rain lol. The second is with Sister Mohar a siant, who we said bye to from Oistins!

Sister MacDonald


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