January 21, 2019


Haggatt Hall - Barbados


Sister Morgan

Group email #25

Hello everyone!
This week has been crazy, a little emotional but really good.
So we got transfer calls this week and crazy news... I am being sent to Jamaica!!!! Just kidding haha I am staying here in Barbados and will be with Sister Morgan still and we will be in a trio with Sister Fauver. And Enterprise is closing, so we will be moving to Haggat Hall which is in Rendevous Branch! I am so sad to be leaving my friends in Oistins. Four missionaries are leaving the branch and we all had the chance to bear our testimonies in the branch, it was really powerful and it was so sad to see all the missionaries leave. I am so grateful to have been strengthened so much by the dear members in the branch.
We have continued to look for people to teach and have met a lot of really great people!Just today we went into town and we were looking at some artwork and she asked us what Branch we were in. We started to talk to her and she is a member of the Oistins Branch, she hasn't been able to come out because her daughter is sick but we got her name and number and I really hope we can keep in contact with her she was so sweet. The Lord works in mysterious ways sometimes!
A wonderful event happened this Saturday! Our friend who Sister Blomquist, Sister Douglass and I all taught was baptized!!!! Ryan is so awesome and immediately let us teach him and he loved the Book of Mormon. he had a lot of health and other challenges but he has worked through all of them! I was so happy to get to share that special day with him. he was ecstatic. There was a special spirit at the Baptism and I am so excited for him to enter on to the covenant path. The Gospel of Jesus Christ has blessed him so much and will continue to as he lives it!

Thank you all for your continued support and encouragement it means a lot!


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