January 14, 2019


Enterprise - Barbados


Sister Morgan

Group Email #24

Hello Everyone!

This week was a great one, to start off right I have burnt not one not two but three times. I have members donating aloe vera to me, it's the best haha. We got to go visit Sister Mohar, she is Guyanese but has lived in Barbados for almost 40 years. She has about 10 cats that she feeds and she loves them all a lot haha. She is an awesome seamstress and she makes beautiful dresses, I will have to send some pics of her work. We went out and she picked mangos for us that I want to make mango salsa with.
Elder Grant a missionary that is serving is a parkour master so he decides to climb Sister Mohar's mango tree a couple weeks ago and he reached too far and the branch broke. Elder Grant fell onto a small metal cover that Sister Mohar had built just previously. He got his foot wrapped in a branch and got knocked out and injured but had no serious injuries. She was so scared for him but after told us that she kept feeling a prompting to go and build the cover for the chickens earlier in the week. I know that the spirit prompted her, and because she heeded it's promptings Elder Grant came away with only minor injuries. This event has showed me the importance of listening to the spirit and that God is aware and protects his missionaries.

Sister Morgan and I have been continuing our finding efforts and meeting lots of people. Almost every-time we have shared the Book of Mormon and testified about it they have been receptive. Not all have wanted us to share more but I have felt the spirit continue to testify to me what we are sharing is true. I have been really enjoying teaching our friend Calvin, he is 70 years old but has a sense of humor. He said to us you are never too old to change and he is super awesome. Calvin has been reading the Book of Mormon and he says he loves the way he feels when he reads. He has a really great gospel background and loves that the Book of Mormon simply adds to his testimony of Jesus Christ. He has accepted a Baptismal date and we are so excited for him to take that important step! This week is the last week before transfers, so I will let you know what happens but I am excited to finish this one off strong.


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