January 2, 2019


Enterprise - Barbados


Sister Morgan

Group email #22

Hello Everyone!

I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas! It was wonderful here in Barbados. All the missionaries went over to President Fisher's home and had Christmas breakfast and then we watched The Incredibles 2, it was lit. There was a gift exchange and I gave a few nice things that I thought would be fun and I received a bottle of dog shampoo and a fluffy unicorn- it most definitely was an Elder's gift haha. We went over to the McIntosh's afterward and they made a Bajan Christmas lunch with Sorrel and all sorts of pies. It was soo good! I also got to skype my family which was so nice, and yes my brother still has orange hair. Anyways it was really neat to get to be in Barbados on a mission at Christmas and feel so close to the Savior. There really is no greater work than his work.
Sister Morgan and I are in the Enterprise area, which is basically the retirement area but it's all good. We have been contacting and trying to meet lots of people and share the gospel with them. We have found quite a few friends taught have been taught before and are letting us come back! Our mission is really progressing and I feel like people's hearts are softening here. I am excited for the new year and the opportunity I have to serve our Savior and proclaim his gospel, it brings me a lot of joy! A scripture I always think of is Adam fell that man might, men are that they might have joy. 2 Nephi Ch 2

Thank you all for your emails and words of encouragement!

Love Sister MacDonald


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