December 27, 2018


Enterprise - Barbados


Sister Morgan

Group email #21

Hello Everyone I hope you have been doing great, sorry I have been the worst at emailing lately. It feels quite weird being here in sunny Barbados for Christmas but I think I could get used to it! There are a few interesting Bajan traditions, the first is before Christmas day they take everything all the curtains, couch covers, decorations and then everyone goes to bed and you re-decorate for Christmas morning, Seems like a lot of work to me haha. And there is a lot of rum, rum cake is a tradition here haha. Anyways I am very excited to spend Christmas here, my district is heading over to the McIntosh family they are so nice to us and have the best food!
Saturday was one of the best days, this Saturday Akeila McIntosh was baptized! She is our friend that has been investigating the church was baptized! It was a wonderful event. Her mother in-law gave a talk on Baptism and them I spoke on the Holy Ghost, it really was a wonderful service. It was so wonderful to see her make that important step in coming closer to Jesus Christ.

I am with a new companion Sister Morgan she is from Guyana and is super sweet. She has been out just three months and is a great missionary. We went with some members caroling this Saturday and it was amazing. We got to meet so many wonderful people!

I hope you all have a Merry Christmas and remember Christ this wonderful season. He truly lives and loves us all!


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