November 20, 2018


St. Phillip - Six Cross Roads, Barbados


Sister Blomquist

Group email #18

Hello everyone,

This week has been so great! We were super busy but it's always a good thing to have a full schedule! On Tuesday our landlord Orlando came in and asked what was up with our apartment we said our curtain rods are falling off ( three i the morning we heard a loud bang and one had popped off) haha. Our chairs are like 15 years old or more and two broke and we could not get our door unlocked. I swear our apartment is safe and nice but we had a lot of problems haha. Still haven't got any chairs to sit on or anything fixed but we can get out now which is good!
Wednesday was awesome, I woke up ready to have a normal day I hear Sister B in the kitchen and she had made me pancakes, a smoothie and left a gift. She is so sweet, I did not want her to do anything but she did. We met some cool friends that day and later we had an awesome lesson with Akeila. We taught her about the Plan of Happiness God has for us and how the Gospel of Jesus Christ can strengthen her and her family. She was really open to it and her husband Omari, who is a member bore his testimony and said how much the Gospel has blessed his life and wants it to be able to bless their family! It was so sweet and the spirit was so strong. Akeila accepted a baptismal invitation which is so exciting! We are so happy to be helping them along in their spiritual journey.

I have truly seen the hand of the Lord in the work, we have been working really hard to find and teach people that are ready to accept the gospel. This week at church we had three friends! Carlos who we are teaching came, he loves church and has a baptismal date! Akeila came with her family and then our new friend Ryan came as well. He loved Sacrament meeting but especially loved gospel principles where we talked about honesty. I am so excited about our friends and their progressing faith. The Lord is so good and he loves all his children.

On Monday we got to have Zone Conference at the Mission Home. It was so wonderful, we get to learn from our mission President and the other missionaries. My favorite part was when President Fisher talked about who's work we are doing. It isn't our individual work or his or the church but Jesus Christ's. Every day we represent him and try our best to share his gospel. President Fisher said that even though as imperfect people we may make mistakes or occasionally disappoint but our master Jesus Christ never gives up on us. I love him and I love his Gospel I know it can bless everyone if they allow it to.
I hope you all have a great week!

Thank you all for your wonderful Birthday Wishes, I feel so loved!


Sister MacDonald

See Mosiah 3:19


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