November 13, 2018


St. Phillip - Six Cross Roads, Barbados


Sister Blomquist

Group email #17

This week has been crazy but so awesome! We have been so busy, we have been driving all around the island We have all our supplies at the Mission Office in Hastings( near town) so Sister Blomquist and I pick up Book of Mormons, tracts and other things for the Sisters but it has been really good. We usually get to see President Fisher and Sister Nyman, Lewis and Elder and Sister Tice. They are Senior missionaries at the office and really awesome. Sister Lewis is the mission Nurse, she is from Toronto - shoutout to my Ontario family! She is so funny and does a lot for us missionaries she just finished her 18 month mission and returned home.
On Tuesday we had the privilege too meet the Murray's. They are church service missionaries from Salt Lake they are collecting testimonies, stories and history form the members in Barbados and other islands in the Caribbean. They video record interviews take detailed notes and pictures from the people here that they meet. The information will all be complied and eventually available at the Church Library in Salt Lake, they are traveling to other parts of the world to collect these stories! We had the opportunity to go out to lunch at the Oistin's Fish market for lunch with the Murray's and get to know them. They are so cool, and really kind to us. We accompanied them to meet Sister Brathwaite, Sister Corbin and The Jordan's. All of these members have such unique and inspiring stories. The trials that the Jordan family has gone through, from financial instability to devastating health problems is so sad but they have gone through every trial with unwavering faith. Sister Jordan said that she could not imagine going through those hard times without a knowledge of her Savior Jesus Christ I am so grateful to know all these wonderful members and for their lives and faith can bless others now.
As far as teaching we had a few really good lessons. Our friend Vicki is doing well we have been teaching her for about three months now and she really enjoys meeting with us. She says she has a lot of questions that she wants answered but has a hard time seeking for them. We watched the Joseph Smith video that shows him earnestly praying for answers to his questions. Vickie really liked it and wants to continue to pray for answers. We are also teaching Amber, Carlos who came to church again and an 18 year old named Tavian. They are all so awesome but have really different needs. I know the gospel of Jesus Christ van bless each one of them and bring them more peace and Joy!
I really love missionary work, I have been able to see God's love and the personal connection that he has with each one of his children. I am so grateful for the Gospel of Jesus Christ here on Earth, it has blessed my life beyond what I can express. I love my Savior and all he has done for me!

Love Sister MacDonald


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