October 10, 2018


St. Phillip - Six Cross Roads, Barbados


Sister Blomquist

Group Email #14

Hello everyone!
I hope you all had a great week, I am so grateful for all the kind words, up-dates and pictures you all have sent. It really cheers me up and I love hearing from you all. I am so sorry if I am slow to reply, I cherish you all but the internet and email time are limited but know I love hearing from you!

What a week though, this week was sooo good, really busy, so fun and truly up-lifting! Sister Blomquist and I have been together about 10 weeks now and any reservations or barriers that are up are gone. We have way too much fun together but what is better than serving the Lord with a true friend. I am so grateful to have a great companion that works hard, I admire her study of the Book of Mormon, the application she has in her life and her dedication to missionary work. We have been contacting a lot lately, trying to find new friends to teach! We have really et some wonderful, funny and weird souls but the wonderful ones make up for the rest! It is often hard to determine who is seeking and willing to accept the message but I never want to be responsible for not sharing our wonderful message of the restored gospel!
Our friend Amber, who we are teaching is so sweet, she calls us " her girls" and defended us against some guys who were bugging us. They didn't even look our way after she was done haha. She has an honest and open heart and she seems to really want to come closer to God for herself and her children. It is a blessing to get to share the gospel and the Book of Mormon with her, i know how much it can bless her life!
We got to go last Tuesday to Sister Brathwaite's house and surprise her for her 80th birthday!! We brought her friend Sister Corbin, I baked a skor cake and we went on over and celebrated with her. She was sooo happy and I was so happy to be with both of them they are really kind to us missionaries and love us! I am glad she felt so special!
The real highlight of the week, and my mission so far was Sister's Conference. We has the opportunity to gather all the Sister's, French and English at the mission home for conference and it was amazing! It was so great to get to know and spend time bonding with the other sisters. A lot of them are the only set of sisters on their island and so it was so special to be together. We all gathered in the mission home, watched the different sessions of conference. I felt like we were all a family and these were great friends I had been missing out on knowing! On Monday we got to go on a walk/ hike to Welchman's Gully a nature reserve it was beautiful and we got dumped on and took some sweet videos playing in the rain. We got to do a car wash and church tours and I spent almost the whole time yelling at cars and talking to people to get them to stop and come to our car wash it was really fun and we had quite a few cars haha. I don't think I have ever laughed as hard as this weekend! The love and friendship the sisters and our Mission President and his wife had was so strong. Each one of them are amazing and I was on a spiritual high the whole time! We ended with sharing our thoughts on General Conference and each shared our testimonies, I was uplifted and motivated to truly be better and reminded of our purpose, we are all working together to bring souls unto Christ. There is no better cause or work and I get to do it with these divine sisters- what a true blessing.
I am so grateful for the opportunity to hear our Prophet President Nelson, our leaders and hear the Savior's words through them. I am so happy to be serving here at this time and truly lucky for the strength I feel each day here in the field. I love my Savior, my fellow- missionaries and I love his gospel.

I wish you all a wonderful week and urge you to listen and apply the counsel we have received this weekend!

This is my address for the mission if you ever want to write me! :)

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter- Day Saints
Trident Financial Building
Hastings, Christ Church
Barbados BB15156


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