October 3, 2018


St. Phillip - Six Cross Roads, Barbados


Sister Blomquist

Group Email #13

Hello Everyone!

I hope you all had a great week. This week has been so good!
Sister Blomquist and I had lots of service opportunities, we keep gloves in the car and we were able to use them a lot which was great! We made lots of new friends and are excited to go back and get to know them better and teach them. I have realized that even though so many people are so different, they all have great qualities and Heavenly Father loves them all the same! I am excited to teach others and help them come closer to Christ
Sunday was great, we had Sacrament, and the water was turned off so we only had sacrament. I think everyone was a little too happy haha. We had fast and testimony meeting, due to conference. It was so nice to hear the members talk about things they were learning, their love for Jesus Christ and our Heavenly Father! President Fisher and his wife were there and after Sacrament spoke to the Branch about member missionary work. He invited each of them to think of someone they could reach out to and invite to watch General Conference.
Sister Lewis a member of the Branch made us a traditional Bajan lunch, it was sooo good. Macaroni Pie and baked chicken, so good! In the afternoon we had President and his wife come to our apartment and he talked about our area, our companionship and the work.It was so special, I am so grateful for them. He is truly inspired of God and he loves the work so much!
Later that night, we were out contacting in Charnox, which is right by the airport met some very cool people. A few were interested in our message, but one guy Reynold he starts talking to us, says he hears voices in his head. We talk to him about the Holy Ghost and he goes off about Spirits and the evil spirits he sees in the sugar cane fields. It is dark out and I was creeped out, it was wild haha but he was one of the last houses we stopped at anyways!
I am so grateful to be serving here, meeting all these wonderful people and I can truly see the Lord’s hand in the work! I am so excited for Gerenral Conference and to hear from the Lord’s prophet and leaders here on the earth!


Sister Brooklyn MacDonald


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