September 3, 2018


St. Phillip - Six Cross Roads, Barbados


Sister Blomquist

Group Email #9

Hey everyone!

This week has been crazy but a blast! Everyday Sister Blomquist and I have been busy, we had trade-offs this friday in an area called Haggot Hall. I was with Sister Olsen she is so kind and is done her mission in 8 weeks! We met a recent- convert O' Neil and had some cake and non-alcoholic wine he bought for his birthday haha. Sister Olsen and I ran in to a sweet older lady and talked with her shared a scripture out of the Book of Mormon and she just started crying and said that she knew God loves her because he sent us two to her. It was quite heart-warming and I felt God's love and the spirit so strongly for her. Trade-offs were really fun and I learned a lot.

We got to go to Sister Corbin, Sister Brathowaite( Grandma) and the Griffith's this week. The members in the Oistens Branch have such strong testimonies and their faith and service in the church inspire me. Sister Brathowaite at 86 traveled to the Dominican Republic for two weeks to do temple work. When she came back for testimony meeting on sunday she gets up and exclaims " I am so happy and feel like I am flying, my feet haven't touched the ground hahaha." She seriously is so cute and kinda crazy but she is great example to me.

Sister Blomquist and I have been working really hard to reach out to the people in the Branch and develop relationships with them. Sister Rawlins had a birthday party for her grand daughter we helped out with the candy table and let me tell you Bajan children are wild when sweets get brought out but they are so cute!

We had an amazing event happen, the living prophet of God Russell M Nelson traveled to the Dominican Republic and spoke just to the people of the Caribbean and it was so great! We also heard from Elder Renlend and Elder Oaks it was so awesome. The prophet invited my MTC President and his wife, the Gulbransen's got to bear their testimonies it was so cool, I love them! One of my favorite things President Nelson said that missionary is so important, the size of the church is inconsequential- we work, we gather so that those who do not have the gospel can receive the blessings and covenants of the gospel. The work is not done until we all are gathered into the Savior's fold. I am so grateful that we have a living Prophet and apostles here on earth today, to lead and guide us. I know that through their counsel we can come closer to the Savior and be truly happy. I am so grateful to be a missionary and get to be a part of this great work!


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