August 20, 2018


St. Phillip - Six Cross Roads, Barbados


Sister Blomquist

Group Email #7

Hey everyone!

This is week 2 being back out on the mission and things are great! So I am back in my original area St Philips Barbados with an awesome companion SIster Blomquist! She is from Washington and so kind and fun. We get along really well and I am so excited to be her companion. She is also like 5 1' so we look super odd together haha. Barbados is hotter than I remembered, I kid you not 29 degress is cool rn, so I pray for clouds and shade a lot! It is so wonderful to be back, my Mission President and his wife( The Fishers) and some of the kindest and welcoming people I know, I am so blessed to be serving with them. Second week out and I got asked to give a talk, I spoke about the Holy Ghost and gifts of the spirit, I enjoyed being able to speak and bear my testimony to brother and sisters in the Oistens Branch. When I came to church the members were all so welcoming and hugged me and sad how happy they were I was back. It was really special and made me feel that this is truly where I needed to be. Putting on that name tag for the first time since being back was amazing, it has been an adjustment and I am still learning but I can feel God's love so strongly as I am here serving him.

I got to go see Sister Unga, as I was coming out of the Mission home she was coming in to go back home. I was so happy to see her again and have special memories with her earlier this year, I hope she is doing well, she was an amazing trainer and dedicated missionary. I got to go back to some less-active members and people in our area and it was amazing to see the progression some of them have made. We go and visit the Jordan family every week, due to health issues Brother Jordan can't make it to church but they faithfully read, pray and work to draw closer to Heavenly Father. They have come so far since I last saw them and I love the lessons we get to have every sat. night!

We had zone conference this Sunday and it was litttt. SO many wonderful insights were shared by members who were invited, we talked with them on how we could unite together to share the gospel with their friends! President also talked a lot about attitude and to be of good cheer. he said if every day we wake up deciding we will be happy then we can be. I am motivated to try a little harder and be better each day,and if I do that I know I will have given my best effort. It is so wonderful being with all the other missionaries, they are great examples to me and I look forward to serving with them. Right now we are teaching a progressive investigator, Trevor he is about 26, really smart and has a lot of great questions. I am excited to be teaching and learning with him and hope he will commit to baptism because he is ready! We are continuing to work hard to meet people who are prepared, going around and knocking doors!

I love the gospel and am so grateful for the Savior and his endless love!

I would love to hear form you all and hope you have an awesome week!


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