February 26, 2018


St. Phillip - Six Cross Roads, Barbados


Selina Unga

Group Email #3

Hello everyone,

I am in Barbados and here to stay for at least two more transfers. I am loving it. It is absolutely beautiful here. The beach and the palm trees are so nice. My companion is sis Unga - she is from Utah but is Samoan and I love her! We get along so well. I am learning so much from her. All the missionaries are so fun and nice. Tons of Canadians here from Alberta - represent!
The branch is quite small but have the nicest people, mostly older but the few kids we have are soo cute! Everyone runs on Bajan time which means they are always late ha ha. The work has been good. Contacting and teaching is new but exciting. I have been able to feel the spirit so strongly here as we teach and most people believe in God and Christ. There is a church on every corner and the Jehovah Witnesses are everywhere. We try to beat them to neighborhoods lol. Everyone is so friendly and greet you on the street. Mac pie is a big thing here, plantains and pigtails - I have tried two of those, I’ll let you guess which two. We have been able to to contact people which led to teaching them - it was really cool! Sis Rawlins a lady in the ward is awesome and comes teaching with us. I am getting use to life as a missionary but it is good - I am so excited to serve here and it is awesome. Oh and people comment on my whiteness daily - haha got compared to snow and a mountain it was great lol.
I really love getting everyone’s updates so keep them coming.

Sis MacDonald


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