February 6, 2018


Missionary Training Center


Sister Freeman

Group email

Hey everyone!

So the first four days of the MTC have been busy, crazy and absolutely wonderful! The ride from The airport in Santo Domingo was crazy, we were almost hit like 5 times and they do not follow the rules at all but we arrived safely. The missionaries were so kind and welcoming when we came. The MTC is soo small here, there are 20 of us altogether, which means we all know each other really well and we get a lot of one on one with teachers and people here. We are right on the temple grounds and it is beautiful. My companion, Sister Freeman is from Jamaica and is a really interesting and fun person! It has been neat to talk to all the missionaries especially those from Caribbean places.
The rumor about only rice and beans here is not entirely true, I mean we don't eat rice and for breakfast haha. They have some of the best pineapple ever.. I could just eat that all day!
It has been quite different adjusting to missionary life, a lot of sitting, learning and studying but the teachers are so wonderful and helpful! My companion and I had a funny experience, the two of us went with a member in a huge white van( picked up off the street) to the store. We drove for about 20 minutes and then he dropped us off at a store, no money, no Spanish and no directions of where to meet him. The ladies at the change room would not let my companion try on her clothes. They said what sounded like no negro, and we both so confused we ended up just going and buying the clothes. The brother who took us came like 40 minutes later, paid and took us back. Another sister explained they don't let anyone try on white clothes in case they get dirty. they were trying to tell us no white, only black in spanish but is did not come out that way. Sister Freeman and I died laughing about for quite a while. It is interesting because we are the only missionaries here right now speaking english, we are our own district! We had the opportunity to go to a national botanical park here today, it was beautiful!! I will attach some pictures below.
Studying and classes have been great, the spirit at the MTC is so strong, it is overwhelming! When you are striving to live in a way where the spirit is able to be a constant companion, you can truly feel a difference.A scripture I read and enjoyed is John 14: 16-17, it talks about the great blessing of having the spirit with you. As we quiet our mind and life, we are able to focus on what is most important and invite the holy spirit to abide with us.I am excited to continue learning and growing here and head off soon to serve in Barbados!

I would love to hear from you when you have the time


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