April 9, 2014


Bogota, Colombia


Hermana Evans

1st email from Hermana Giles-CCM

Hello family!!

I made it safely to the CCM!!! Oh my goodness I am soooo excited to be here! I absolutely love it! Cool story, so when i was waiting to board the plane for Georgia I happened to look out the window and I SAW YOU GUYS! I saw you all on the top of the parking garage, it made me so happy and i kept staring at you guys from afar. haha, it was a tender mercy Heavenly Father gave me to see you all one last time! I love you family! So when I was on the plane heading to Georgia I was pretty nervous about finding my plane to Colombia, I was finishing reading the Book of Mormon (i finished it by the way yay!!!) and the last couple chapters of Moroni talk about having faith and that Heavenly FAther will give us a way to do things if its for a good reason and with real intent. I prayed that I would be able to get to where I needed to be on time and without problems and that it was important to me. I got the peace i needed. And you know what? When i got off the plane I found my next flight soooo easy, I would like to see it was even easier than the phoenix one for me. People were so friendly and helpful and I didnt even get lost ONCE! thats pretty big news! haha. Heavenly Father has answered my prayers in many ways and I know He is in the details of our lives! I met all the missionaries, there are actually more that came with us because some have their actual missions in colombia!

The plane flight to Colombia was 5 hours long, i sat next to a very talkative and LOUD elder haha, Im pretty sure the whole plane could hear him! I can still hear my ears ringing haha jk, it was all fine! I found all my luggage super easy and it was easy moving it around. Everything went so smotthly and im very grateful, thank you all for helping me pack and get ready so it was easier! Oh and more about bthe plane flight, It was so cool, because we got to fly next to the caribbean, jamiaca, and cuba and the ocean! A lot of the missionaries are impressed with my spanish, I was actually able to have a decent conversation with a colombian man next to me on the flight and the hermanas just turned around and were know spanish that well? haha, the man Javier, even said i had good spanish, so there is hope! haha. And I love thinking that Im in south america now! Sorry if my spelling and all isnt great, we have 15 minutes to email and im trying to type alot. The next time i can email is next friday, so ten days, because thats the next pday and then after that it will be four days (tuesday).

I got my companion for the ccm! her name is hermana evans and she is very nice, and helpful and VERY good at spanish for a white person! ;) Im glad because we will be able to help eachother out! Today, all the new latin american missionaaries will come! I saw Hermana Jenae Feddock here and it was nice to know someone here! :) Everyone here is so nice and i like it very much! Im ready to dive into it! I got about 5 and a half hours of sleep last night but i still have energy! We read the book of mormon at 7 am for an hour and then have breakfast, nothing too wierd i have eaten yet but we will see! We got all of our books today and hopefully we will get our nametags soon! There are 6 girls total in my room, so its pretty crowded but not bad, its meant to hold 8 haha, who knows maybe when the latin americans come, 2 more will bunk with us! Overall, things are going so great and im so pumped to be a missionary and im just so excited and happy! I love it so much! And i love you all so much! I am thinking of you all and I hope all ios well for you! Feel free to send this email to anybody, and let them know they can email me! I love you all and I will talk to you next time with all my new adventures!


Hermana Giles


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