November 4, 2019


Englewood, Ohio


Sister Lexi Buxton

Winter Already??

Hey everyone!

This week was pretty crazy! Tuesday we had Zone Conference all day. It was really good! I got to see Sister Peterson! She is one of the Sister Training Leaders in our zone. All the trainings were super good! President and Sister Ensign had really great things to talk about and it was exactly what I needed! The Zone Leaders and Sister Training Leaders gave a really good training about loving people as Christ would. It was really good! We played a Preach My Gospel game and it was pretty fun! All of Zone Conference was awesome! We got Chick-Fil-A on the way home and then I had a video chat with Justin, Elder Merchant, Caleb Horton, and Summer Frandsen. We all read the Book of Mormon together and it was super fun! Justin is coming up here to hang out again sometime next week so that should be good!

Wednesday we went and visited a referral that we got. His name is Bidan and he wasn't home but his niece and sister were. They are from Nepal and only Bidan and his niece speak English. They let us in and we talked with them for a little bit. They offered us some tea and we politely declined and they looked kind of offended. We explained that we don't drink tea and they understood and asked us questions so we got to tell them a little bit about the Word of Wisdom and why we don't drink tea or coffee. They were okay with it after we explained. We walked around some neighborhoods and then after lunch we went to visit Bobbie and had a good lesson with her. We walked a few more neighborhoods and had ward coordination that night. It went pretty good. We, of course, went and got Cold Stone afterwards.

Thursday it was super cold! We went back to see Bidan and he was home. We talked with him for quite a while. He met some elders in Columbus who happened to speak Nepali, so because of that connection, he wanted us to stop by! We taught him a bit about the church and gave him a Book of Mormon. He said he would read it and we are going back next week! He is super nice and we are excited to teach him! We didn't have any appointments on Thursday so most of our day, we walked. It was super windy all day long! We didn't think it was that bad so we just pulled out our winter coats and went walking. I had the thought to put some tights on but I didn't want to and we wanted to get out there and start walking so I just ignored the prompting and left. The wind was really bad! While we were walking, my legs got so cold that they were pretty much numb. We got back to the apartment and cranked up the heat to try to warm ourselves up. I tried warming my legs up and all of a sudden they got super red and started stinging really bad. I had MAJOR windburn all over my legs. It was horrible! They were cold, but really hot and stinging. It has gotten a lot better now though! We went and got pizza for Halloween and had to be inside by 7. So we ate our pizza and did weekly planning for the rest of the night.

Friday was crazy. So I woke up Friday morning after having a really creepy dream about some guy breaking into our apartment. I told Sister Buxton about it while we were exercising. It felt so real and so I was pretty creeped out and jumpy all day long. That morning, before we left the apartment, we got a knock on the door. We were both kinda scared, haha so I went to see who it was and it was this random guy with long hair, in a beanie and he was staring at the door with a light in his hands that he kept turning on and off. It was SUPER creepy! So we didn't answer the door and we waited a bit to leave our apartment to make sure he was actually gone. We opened the door and there was a package from Amazon on our doorstep. It was the Amazon Prime guy...we had a good laugh about that! So then, we go to try to visit someone. Before we leave our car to do anything, we always pray. So it was my turn to pray and while I was saying the prayer, we hear some knocks on our car. I stopped praying and Sister Buxton and I looked at each other with wide eyes, then we looked everywhere around us and saw no one! So I finished saying the prayer and we laughed really hard after that. So we were both pretty jumpy at this point. We walked around the neighborhood and met this guy sitting on a roof, fixing it. He started venting to us about how the people who rent houses from him trash the houses. He wasn't happy at all, so he was just going off about this guy who wrecked his house. We tried to say things but he just went on and on. He was a very interesting guy and eventually started climbing down the ladder. We left and couldn't help but laugh. It was pretty funny! We had a lesson with Devan at Starbucks. Sister Buxton and I got a strawberries and cream frappuccino and it reminded me of when Emma and I would get those all the time back home! ❤ We had a good lesson with him and moved his baptismal date to December 7th. After that, we went and got dinner and dropped the car off at the elders apartment and took the bus home. Our first bus was not taking us to downtown Dayton, but it was really late so we ended up having to go to downtown Dayton because our other connecting buses had already left. So, we get to Dayton and are in kind of a hurry to get on our bus because we didn't want to miss it. We get on bus 17 like normal. Sister Hall and I took this same bus route every Friday night for two transfers so I was pretty confident in where we were going. Long story short, it was the wrong bus. Apparently there are two bus 17's. So it took us all the way to Centerville, back up to downtown Dayton, and then to Vandalia where we live. We met this creepy guy on the bus but he lives in Dayton so we are safe! We got off the bus and had about a four minute walk to get home. It was crazy and we got home super late! It was a crazy night but we made it home safe! It was another really cold day! Winter is coming early this year.

Saturday was awesome! So a few weeks ago we went to this lady's house who is a less active. Her name is Marilyn and she has been talking about the church with some of her neighbors. While we were over there, we met a few of her neighbors and there were two girls, Angie and Tamara. They were super cool! We talked with them for a while and they said they wanted us to come back. Up until Saturday, we had stopped by about four times and no one ever answered the door. So Saturday, we went to Marilyn's and Angie's door was open. When we knocked on Marilyn's door, Angie called us over and invited us in. Long story short, we visited for a while, taught her, gave her a Book of Mormon and invited her to read it, and set up a return appointment! It was awesome! Then, a few weeks ago we met this guy named Jimmy who knows someone in Sandy, UT that Sister Buxton knows. We have been praying to see him again and on our walk back home Saturday morning, we ran into Jimmy too! We got his number and we are setting up a time to get pizza this week! It was awesome and it all happened within 30 mins of each other! We have seen so many miracles, it's been great! We went and visited Grandma Ridoutt and that was fun! She was really worried about us being outside in the cold. Saturday was one of the warmer days though so we were good! We were supposed to meet Angela at Airline again but she got the times mixed up so we sat there and got to talk to some people while waiting for her. We came home, did companion study and had our weekly call with the STL's.

Sunday we had Mark and Julie at church! They came with their son Phillip who is meeting with the missionaries at Purdue in Indiana. Church was really good! We had the Come Unto Christ class at the Lemperle's house in the afternoon and Mark, Julie, and Phillip came to that. It went really good! We visited some less actives and then went to dinner. Sister Dotson set up a dinner for us with Mark and Julie! Before dinner, Sister Hall and I used to always guess what they made for us. So Sister Buxton and I tried guessing. Sister Buxton wasn't sure and I said lasagna and salad. So, we get to their house and sit and chat for a while. Then, Julie says, "I made lasagna for dinner so I hope you like it!" We both tried to hold in our laughter. Dinner was really good and they asked us lots of questions about the church and about missionary life. Mark and Julie aren't taking the lessons, they just like to know what Phillip is learning and so they ask lots of questions! It was fun! We got back to our car and died laughing because I totally guessed what we were having for dinner! It was hilarious!!!

That is it for this week! Have a great week! Love you all!

Sister Roberts


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