October 28, 2019


Englewood, Ohio


Sister Lexi Buxton

So Many Miracles!

Hey everyone!

This week was awesome! On Tuesday we went and visited this lady named Linda. We met Linda a while ago while we were walking on the street and she wanted us to come visit her so she just told us her address. We've tried stopping by but it was never the right time. So we decided to go see her and she was home! She let us right in and we talked to her for quite a while. We talked about the Plan of Salvation and invited her to church and she said she couldn't come this week but she will come another time! She is super sweet! We then went to see Jimmy and Blanch, the two cute old ladies that we met last week. We visited with them for a while and while we were there, Jimmy said "I know what you two are here for. I know that it is not just to talk." We told her that we just want to visit and get to know them. We told her that of course we would love to share a message but we just want to visit and she kind of eased up a bit after we said that. They are both super sweet and we were able to share a message and invite them to read the Book of Mormon. We got to set up a return appointment with them too! We also had a last minute lesson with Devan at Brother Goit's house. Sister Terry came and we talked about the 10 commandments and a few other things. It was a really good lesson! After that, Sister Buxton and I stayed and talked to the Goit's for a while. It was fun, they are my favorites!

Wednesday we went to district council and it was really good. The AP's came and that was pretty fun. We got a media referral the other day so after district council we went by to meet him. His name is Bidan and he wasn't home but his kids were and told us when would be a good time to stop by. We had a lesson with Grandma Ridoutt. Well, actually, we set up a lesson with Sister Ridoutt so we planned a lesson for her and we were going to follow up on her missionary experiences. When we got there, Sister Ridoutt brought us to Grandma Ridoutt to have a lesson with her. Sister Ridoutt left the room so we had to come up with an impromptu lesson for Grandma instead. It was crazy but it actually went really good! The Goit's fed us dinner that night and that was really fun. We had coordination afterwards and it went good. After that, we went and got Cold Stone. We were going to get Cold Stone on my birthday but never did so we had to get it.

Thursday we had weekly planning, which went good! We went to visit a few people and talked to a lot of people. We went to the Relief Society activity. It was a Girl's Night Out activity and we all went to a mexican restaurant. Sister Johnson, our Relief Society president, brought one of her aides who takes care of her. Her name is Janae and she isn't a member and we talked to her a lot. She wanted to come to the ward Halloween activity and also come to church! It was awesome! It was a really fun night too!

Friday was good! We walked a ton and went to visit a few people. They weren't home so we walked all around this huge neighborhood. It was great! We visited Linda again and taught her about the Book of Mormon and more of the Plan of Salvation. It was a really good lesson! We had a lesson with Devan at the church before the ward Halloween party. We brought one of the young women with us. Her name is Addie and she is Bishop's daughter. She is super cute! The lesson went good. Devan is pretty hilarious though. He says some funny things. The Halloween party was right after. There was a chili cook off and lots of cornbread. Devan stayed for the party and Janae wasn't able to come because her ride fell through. Another family in our ward brought their neighbors to the party though, they were super nice but they are pretty set on the church they are at right now.

Saturday it poured rain all day long! The Elders had our car for the day so we walked all day long in the rain. It was super fun!!! I loved it! We walked to see a member and talked with her about missionary work and then walked back in the rain. We called a lot of people in the Area Book and went back out to contact. It was a really good day!

Sunday was awesome! We had 5 PEOPLE at church! It was awesome! Janae came and brought her 2 daughters. They loved it and want to come back next week and bring her son too! Sister Johnson officially referred us to Janae so we hope to start teaching her soon! She is so sweet!! We had dinner with a member and they made us white chicken chilli. It was pretty good except he gave us a HUGE bowl to eat. It was so much food! We had our Come Unto Christ class and Devan came. It was really good!

That's about it for this week! Sure love you all!

Sister Roberts


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