October 21, 2019


Englewood, Ohio


Sister Lexi Buxton

New Companion!

Hey everyone!

First, thank you to everyone who sent me messages on my birthday this week! It was so fun to read them all and I really appreciate it! It made my day!! This week was crazy! So Tuesday was transfer day. Sister Latta picked up Sister Hall and I and drove us to Liberty to get our new companions. It was so sad to have Sister Hall leave me. I visited with a few missionaries and had to go in for the trainers meeting. It was a really good meeting! We talked about how we need to be good examples to our trainees and be exactly obedient. It was a really good discussion! We went into the chapel while the new missionaries were singing This Is the Christ and we walked in and started singing with them! It was super cool and it reminded me of when I was a new missionary and the trainers came in to sing with us. It is so powerful! We sat and got assigned our new companions! My new companion is Sister Buxton, she is so cute! She is from Sandy, Utah and she is super fun! Sister Latta drove us home and we jumped right into the work. Sister Buxton is super outgoing and ready and willing to talk to everyone! I felt bad because we got hardcore Bible bashed on her first day. We walked up to talk to these two super cute old ladies and there was a guy there working on their roof. We talked to the ladies, Jimmie and Blanch, and they were super sweet! Then, the guy comes over and starts bashing us. He wasn't too rude but we could tell he was telling us how we were wrong. He asked us what day is the Sabbath day and we said Sunday. He flat out tells us that we were wrong and that Saturday is the Sabbath day and anyone who has read the Bible should know that. We weren't even going to bother trying to say anything else about it, just to keep the peace. He then tells us that Joseph Smith wasn't a prophet, that we have no living prophet on the earth today, and that Christ was the only prophet and no one can come in between his relationship with Christ. He said a few other things to try to prove us wrong and we just smiled and nodded our heads. After about 20 minutes of standing there, he finally left. Jimmie and Blanch stayed outside and once he left, we went up to talk to them. They both were pretty upset about what the guy did. We talked to them for quite a while and they invited us to come back so it was all worth it! Bishop Dotson and his family had us over for dinner and it was super fun to be there with them. Their family is super nice!

Wednesday we had District Council. Our new district is pretty fun. We have the Englewood Elders (Leano and Williams), The Greenville Elders (Brown and Lawrence), and the Eaton Sisters (Durland and Hermann). District Council was pretty fun. We went around in a circle and introduced ourselves and Elder Lawrence told us that he paid for his whole mission by catching pigeons. He is from Idaho and would go to barns at night and catch the pigeons, each pigeon sold for $5 and people would buy them to train their dogs to hunt. He said that one night, he caught over 500 pigeons and earn tons of money from it. It was hilarious! We all tease him about pigeons now, it's pretty funny! After District Council, Sister Buxton and I went to Chick Fil A with the Greenville and Englewood elders so that was pretty fun! We walked around a few neighborhoods and met this guy from Ghana. His name is Larry and he was super interested in us coming back and said that his wife and kids would be home after 7. We set up another time to come by and see his family. We are soooo excited to teach them and hope it works out!! We then had dinner with a nonmember named Judy. She has been taught by missionaries before and loves to feed us. She made us porkchop pie. It was interesting but pretty good. She is super sweet and we are coming back next week to help her make blankets for the children's hospital. We had ward coordination and Brother Goit asked us to stay after and talk. He was worried about us because last transfer, the work was really slow and he and Bishop didn't want us to get discouraged. So he was checking up on us. Brother and Sister Lemperle stayed and we all talked about what we can do to best work with the youth. It was really helpful! They are awesome!

Thursday we had weekly planning. Poor Sister Buxton, she was so tired and had no idea what was going on by then. We made it through weekly planning and went to Sister Boyce's house. We had a good visit with her and talked about what we can do to help her and the young women. She opened up to us a lot about what she was struggling with. We said a prayer with her before we left and Sister Buxton said it. She says REALLY good prayers!!! At the end of the prayer, Sister Boyce was crying and said it was exactly everything she was struggling with and needed to hear. It was so cool and the spirit was super strong! We also had a lesson with Ameris at Sister Johnson's house! Sister Johnson is the Relief Society president and knows Ameris pretty well. Ameris brought her boyfriend Dyllan and we sat and visited with them for a while. We taught her the Plan of Salvation. I was a bit nervous to teach her about it because she gets a little bit overwhelmed when she hears a lot of new information but it went really good!!!! Sister Johnson had great comments and was awesome at helping us teach. The spirit was super strong and we were able to help her recognize what the spirit is and feels like. She said that she can feel Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ's love for her and also how much we love and care for her. It was probably one of the best lessons I have had! I haven't felt that much joy after teaching a lesson in a long time and it was so great!!

Friday was my 20th birthday! It was a good day! As a missionary, there is only so much you can do to celebrate your birthday haha. We walked to a members house and met this guy, Jimmy who apparently knows one of Sister Buxton's best friend's Dad! It was a really cool connection for her, especially being so far away from home! On our way back, we saw a Happy Birthday card laying on the ground so we picked it up and I took a picture with it, haha. We went to Panera for lunch and that was fun! Then we went back to see Jimmie and Blanch again. They forgot that they were having company over so we rescheduled with them. They are so sweet! We had dinner with a less active family. They had tons of little kids who were LOUD!!!! Sister Buxton and I were literally being screamed at haha, it was cute! They couldn't get our names right and called us Sister Buster and Sister Robbins. It was hilarious! They had some mini store bought cupcakes and put some candles in for my birthday and sang Happy Birthday to me. It was so sweet! They were a really fun family! We went to have a lesson with Larry and his family but it was a really bad time so we rescheduled with them too.

Saturday we had a missionary broadcast for the North America Northeast areas. Elder Christofferson and President Ballard talked with us and they were at the birthplace of Joseph Smith. We all went to the church with our district to watch it and had a mission Zoom call afterwards. It was really good! Sister Latta took us to lunch for my birthday and we went to Skyline! It was fun and super nice of her! Sister Buxton said that Skyline was pretty good for her first time but it wouldn't be her first choice haha! We went to visit Grandma Ridoutt and had a great lesson with her. We also went to Airline to meet Angela and visited with her. She is super fun! We then had a call with the STL's in Centerville. Sister Peterson is now one of the STL's! It was super fun to talk with her. She caught me up on all the stuff that happened in YSA after I left.

Sunday was good. Church was really good, as always. We went and visited Tracy again and on our way there, Devan called us. He said that he went to church and wants to be baptized now! We still have a long way to go but we are so excited for him! Our visit with Tracy was good. She told us some stories about her family and it was fun to listen to. We had dinner with the Nielsen's, they are super awesome at doing missionary work and said that their goal is to have someone for us to teach in their home! We had our Come Unto Christ class at the Lemperle's house and Sister Lemperle invited our friends Mark and Julie to come! We aren't officially teaching them but they came! Devan came also and we had a really good discussion about how Christ gives us strength. It was really awesome! Brother Lemperle taught the class and he is a great teacher!

That's it for this week, it was a great week! Love you all!

Sister Roberts


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