October 14, 2019


Englewood, Ohio


Sister Abby Hall

Transfer Calls

Hey team!

This week was pretty good! On Tuesday we were on exchanges with the Miamisburg sisters. I went to Miamisburg with Sister Merrell and she is super sweet! We had a really busy day and it was awesome. We went and saw a recent convert named Georgia and she is so funny! We gave her 6 copies of the Book of Mormon for her to hand out. She is awesome! We also ran around and did things for their missionary vs. youth competition so that took up most of our day. We visited some members and had a few lessons fall through. We did get to see this kid named Ken who they met a while ago and haven't been able to contact. He just randomly texted us and said he was at the skate park and we could meet him there. So we went straight there and sat and talked with him while he skated. It was pretty great and we got to teach him a little bit. We went to Graeter's for our exchange treat and then went to exchange back.

Wednesday we had interviews with President and Sister Ensign. They both went really good. The Ensign's are super nice, I really like them a lot! Sister Ensign is so cute. We just changed the grouping policy in our mission. Before, we weren't allowed to hangout with other missionaries on pday or get lunch with them during the week. Now we can and Sister Ensign is so excited for us, haha! It's super funny, she was encouraging us to go get lunch as a district after District Council. We had our last District Council of the transfer and it went good. The elders went out to lunch and Sister Hall and I went home to eat. We had dinner with the Ridoutt's and she made us really good Brazilian food again! We had ward coordination afterwards and that went really good. Brother Goit is calling me Sister Slacker, haha. On Tuesday when I was in Miamisburg, Sister Hall and Sister Visser had a lesson with Devan and Brother Goit came. He was teasing me because I wasn't there, so to him, I am a slacker because I "only come here for the food". It was pretty hilarious! Everytime he thanked us for the lesson with Devan I would jump in and say "You're Welcome", haha it was pretty funny.

Thursday we went with the Centerville sisters to meet a new senior couple who are coming to Dayton. They are the Cannon's and they are the cutest! We helped them unload their car and bring all of their stuff inside. We sat and talked with them for a while and told them about the area and about missionary life and answered all of their questions. They are super excited to serve here! On the way home, Sister Hall and I got City BBQ, that place is really good. We weekly planned all afternoon and went contacting the rest of the day.

Friday we visited Sister McCracken and tried to meet Caleb but he wasn't home. We went to West Milton and visited tons of people! It was raining all day long. While we were out, we got a media referral from someone who requested a Book of Mormon! His name is Preston and we called him and he said we could come by Sunday. There is a couple in our ward who had a fundraiser to raise money to adopt and we offered to come help them set up. We went by in the late afternoon and set up everything for them while they got ready. It was super fun to serve them and they were super grateful! We had some time in between that and dinner so we went to a neighborhood and contacted some people. We had some good contacts and got some phone numbers. We stopped by this lady named Judy and she apparently has fed the sisters in the past. She opened the door and knew exactly who we were and said she was in the middle of dinner and asked if we could set up a time to come back. We said Monday night and she said she will feed us! So that was awesome and we hope it goes good tonight! We had dinner with the Ware's and they fed us whole artichokes. We had to eat it by peeling off the leaves and dipping it in butter. When we got to the end we ate the whole heart. It was interesting to say the least, haha but it wasn't too bad! They are a fun family though!

Saturday the elders had our car so we were out walking all day. The weather has been between the 40's and 60's so it was a bit chilly for me. Surprisingly, we didn't see very many people even though it was a super nice day. We had dinner with Dyllan and Ameris. We used to teach Ameris a few months ago but we couldn't get in contact with her for a long time so we had to stop teaching her. Our Bishop's wife set up our dinner appointment with them. It was super awesome! Well first, we walked there since the elders had our car and we got to their apartment and they weren't there. She texted us and said that they had to run errands so they were going to get there at 5:15. We walked around trying to contact people but we already visited all the formers and the neighborhood was dead so we were pretty much just killing time. We went back to knock at 5:15 and they still weren't was super awkward. We just found a spot to sit and do some tasks while we waited. They eventually showed up at 5:40 and hadn't even made dinner yet because they went to get the groceries. So we sat in the living room with Ameris while Dyllan made dinner. Ameris asked if we could teach her, so she went on YouTube because she wanted to watch a church video. We showed her General Conference and she watched the first 3 talks of the first session with us, so that was cool! Then she saw the Rome, Italy temple tour and wanted to watch that. We didn't watch all of it because she had lots of questions so we taught a bit of the Plan of Salvation. It was actually super awesome! We didn't leave their house until 7:30ish. It was a long night but it was worth it. So now we are teaching Ameris again! It was pretty great! We had the transfer call at the end of the night. I was super nervous to see what was going to happen to me for next transfer because I had no idea! President Ensign doesn't like to tell us at interviews like President Welch did so I am getting used to that. Anyways, I was released as a Sister Training Leader and now I will be training a new missionary! I am super excited to train!! Sister Hall is going to Batesville, IN so she will be on the complete opposite end of the mission. I am definitely going to miss her!

Sunday was busy. We had church and then we went to visit Preston. He lives in a nursing home and we brought him a Bible and Book of Mormon. We sat and visited with him for a while and found out that he was a member who had lost his scriptures in his old house and needed new ones, so that was why he requested it. We went to Stake Reports and President Ensign was there this time. We had a really good meeting! We didn't have time to come home for dinner because we had the Come Unto Christ class right after. We went straight to that and got home that night around 8:15. It was a very late dinner.

Today, we just got back from the United States Airforce Museum. A member in our ward took us and the elders. He knows tons about planes and all that stuff so he was giving us all the interesting facts as he took us through

That was pretty much it this week! I'm excited for this new transfer and I'm excited to meet my new companion tomorrow! I would love to hear from all of you so feel free to shoot me an email! Love ya!

Sister Roberts


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