October 7, 2019


Englewood, Ohio


Sister Abby Hall

Best MLC Ever!

Hey everyone!

This week was pretty busy but it was super good and went by way too fast! On Tuesday, we went and visited the McMurtry's in our ward. They are super nice! We visited with them and then gave them a paper and asked them to make a family mission plan. We invited them to pray about what they can do for their family mission plan and look for it in General Conference. It went super well and they are excited to start it! We then went to a neighborhood to try by a few people. I don't know why it is still 93 degrees in October in Ohio, but it was hot! We went and had our visit with Tracy. She is seriously the cutest. She showed us all of her little craft books that she has made and they are SUPER cute! She had a fun time showing us all of her stuff. We exchanged with the Eaton sisters at 4:30 and Sister Durland came here with me in Englewood. We came home for dinner and then went out to walk to a few houses. It was still pretty hot but it got really humid too. It was good though and the evening went by super fast.

Wednesday we went and visited Bobbie. We had a really good visit with her! She is the cutest old lady ever and was super happy and smiley that day! The Relief Society president in our ward has asked us to teach her the lessons again. So we taught the Great Apostasy. It went really good and she seemed to understand it pretty well. We went to this neighborhood that we call the turtle neighborhood. Every single street in that neighborhood is named after some sort of turtle, it's pretty hilarious. We came home and did a little training on studying out of Chapter 3 of Preach My Gospel and then went and exchanged back. On our way to visit someone, our friend Tracy messaged us and asked if we could meet up with him and give him a Book of Mormon. We met him at the church and gave it to him. Tracy was on his way to Cleveland and so he couldn't stay to talk but he was super grateful to get it! We headed to dinner with the Goit's, which was HILARIOUS. The conversations that we had at dinner were so funny! Also, they have a squirrel problem in their backyard and they keep getting into their garden and digging up everything. So Brother Goit has been trying to get rid of them. While we were there, he sees a squirrel and runs to get a BB gun and stands by their sliding glass door, pumping the gun, and watching this squirrel. It was seriously so funny! He never got it because he didn't want to accidentally hit the neighbors window. Sister Hall, Sister Goit, and I were all dying laughing! We had ward coordination right after and most of the ward missionaries weren't able to come. Honestly, it was kind of nice because we were able to talk about everything we wanted and needed to, and we got out on time! After coordination, we went and got ice cream and then headed home for our leadership call.

Thursday we did weekly planning. We were supposed to have interviews but President Ensign moved our district and the Greenville district to next Wednesday. We went to the Greenville district's District Council and gave a training on studying Chapter 3 of PMG. It went good and their district is pretty fun! We then had our District Council right after. Sunday night, Elder Williams asked me to give a training out of Chapter 2 of PMG, which is about how we can study effectively. So, Sister Hall and I gave our training on studying out of Chapter 3 and then right after, I gave another training on Chapter 2. It all went good! We stopped by our friend Nicole on the way home. We met her a while ago and Sister Hall and I both had this experience where we both knew that Nicole is someone that we are supposed to teach! It was pretty cool. She didn't answer her door when we stopped by. We had dinner with the Kleinsorge's who are less active. They are a super cute newly wed couple and they were super nice! They talked our ears off though, haha! We were there for almost 2 hours because we couldn't get a word in to say that we had to go. It was okay though because their conversations were pretty entertaining. We got home late that night and had a call with the Miamisburg sisters to end the night.

Friday was the best. We had MLC at the mission home! The mission home is 64 miles away from us so the AP's met us, the Fairborn STL's, Dayton YSA Elders, and the Huber Heights Elders at the Centerville building in the mission van and gave us all a ride to the mission home. It was so fun being in the car with everyone, we never get to do stuff like that! The drive there was about an hour and a half. MLC was awesome! First, having it at the mission home was super fun and much more relaxed than at a church building. We talked about a lot of changes in the mission. The Area 70, from direction of the First Presidency, has suggested that we stopped singing the mission song. The reasoning for this is because if we were to get missionaries from a different mission moved into our mission, they wouldn't know it and it would be harder for them to adjust and feel like they fit in. Sister Ensign expressed that the world is one mission, we are just an area. It totally makes sense to me though. I am a bit bummed but I'm okay with it. Instead of singing the mission song, we are going to sing This Is the Christ after our mission meetings. We are also bringing back grouping with other missionaries! My whole mission, we haven't been able to hangout with other missionaries on pday or any other day, which was kinda sad. But, we are bringing it back so we are all pretty excited about it! MLC was just a huge, casual and relaxed council about those changes and a few others in the mission. Elders Merchant, Young, and Hales sang an amazing musical number! They sang a song about the 3 witnesses of the Book of Mormon and it was SUPER good and really powerful! At the end, we had a mini testimony meeting and whoever wanted to stand up and bear their testimony of Christ, could. The spirit was super strong, to the point that I was almost crying. It was an amazing meeting. There is such a special spirit in the mission home with the leaders of the mission. At the end, we all took pictures and went home. The drive back to Centerville after MLC was super fun! Sister Hall and I were in the back with the Dayton YSA Elders, quoting movies and tv shows that we all watched growing up. It was pretty funny. Once we got back to our car, we left and had dinner at Chick Fil A and got Graeter's on the way home. We got home at about 7:30pm and jumped on a call with some sisters in our zone. It was a great day!

Saturday was great as well. I really enjoyed General Conference! I really loved Elder Dallin H. Oaks' talk about trusting in God and trusting in His love for us. We watched both sessions of conference at the church. Literally no one was there except us haha! I loved Elder David A. Bednar's talk in the second session too. The cheetah analogy that he used was really cool and all about being aware of the temptations of Satan. In between sessions we came back for lunch and visited a few people. We went back to the church to watch the women's session. Sister Hall and I both have traditions back home with our families during women's conference. We both would go out and get something to eat, whether it was dinner or a dessert, and eat it with our mom's and sisters while watching women's conference. Since we only had each other this year, we went and got dessert and brought it to the church and watched women's conference. It was really fun! I loved women's conference as well! It was all so good! I am a big fan of the new Young Women's theme!

Sunday sessions of Conference were great as well! Elder Dieter F. Uchtdorf's talk was amazing, as always! I love how he explained that our life here on earth is a spiritual adventure. That is so true! We watched the morning session at the church and then went to visit Sister McCracken. She is super sweet and is still working on her neighbor Caleb to help him be ready to meet with us. We went to the Goit's for the last session of conference. We invited our friend Devan who we are teaching and he never responded to us. Him coming to the Goit's for Conference was his idea last Sunday but he never let us know if he was coming. Then, Devan told Brother Goit that he was coming and he came! None of us thought he was coming but he did and we were so happy he did! The last session of Conference was great and I am so excited to see what will happen in April! We had a good lesson with Devan right after and talked about his concerns with the church. Brother Goit was super blunt with him and then set up another appointment with him and us at the church on Tuesday, so that was awesome! Devan left and the elders showed up and we all had dinner with the Goits. It was super fun! Brother Goit always makes fun of me and says that he is going to feed me squirrel one of these days and not tell me. We will see if that actually happens...hopefully not, haha!

Well, that is it for this week! I am so grateful for our Prophet, Russell M. Nelson and the guidance he has given us. I know that it comes from our loving Heavenly Father and I have a strong testimony of that! Sure love you all!

Sister Roberts


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