September 30, 2019


Englewood, Ohio


Sister Abby Hall

"Daily Shot of Jesus"

Hey everyone!

This week was pretty good. On Tuesday we had exchanges with the Miamisburg sisters. I was with Sister Visser in Miamisburg and that was pretty fun! She has lots of high energy though haha, it was great. For exercise, Sister Visser wanted me to teach her a dance combo, so I did! It was pretty fun to dance again! Our day was pretty busy. We talked to tons of people and had a few appointments. They are teaching a lot of really cool people so it was fun to meet them too! We exchanged back later that night.

Wednesday we had District Council which was good. We have some crazy people in our district haha. Sister Hall gave a training on promising blessings and it was really good! Our district leader, Elder Williams, gave a training on knowing the doctrine. He made up this game and called it "Scriptures to Scriptures". He said he got his inspiration from the game Apples to Apples and he had different questions that people could potentially ask us and we had to look up scriptures for it. It was pretty good! We had our weekly leadership call and talked about stake reports, MLC, and exchanges. We went and visited a few less actives and some of our friends all afternoon and then had ward coordination. That went really good but it was super long! We have some ward missionaries who really like to talk hahaha! After coordination, Sister Hall and I went to Cold Stone really fast. Her mom sent her a gift card so that was nice! We had a call with the Eaton sisters at the end of the night. They are doing good and it is so good to have Sister Sclafani back in the mission!

Thursday was weekly planning. It was a really good planning session actually! We have been texting our friend Tracy a lot and trying to set up video chat lessons. He works a lot so we haven't had one yet. But, while we were weekly planning, Tracy asked if we could video chat! We called him right then and had a super good discussion! He had a few questions for us that we were able to answer and then he just asked us to teach him! We taught, very simply, the Restoration and the whole lesson with him was super powerful! He had to go pretty quickly but right after he hung up, he texted us and said that he really liked the lesson and asked what it took to be baptized! It was such a miracle and we have lots of hope for him! We had a coaching session with Elder Merchant again on virtue and knowledge. It was super good! We walked and contacted the rest of the night and met some sweet people!

Friday we went and visited a member, Sister McCracken. She is super nice! Right when we got there, she immediately starting telling us about her neighbor who she has been talking to about the gospel! His name is Caleb and he is super cool! She asked us for a Book of Mormon to give to him and said she will refer him to us when she feels like he is ready. It was so awesome! We then visited a few of our friends. We also picked a few neighborhoods and walked them. We met lots of people! In the evening, we went to see Jim and Judy Greathouse. Jim is less active and Judy isn't a member. She is this little Chinese lady who speaks little English but she is so cute! She told us to come in the kitchen and she started making some food for us. Not gonna lie, the stuff she put on our plate looked gross! It was actually super good though! It was these little rice balls with roasted sesame seeds all over it and roasted peanuts. It was good!

Saturday the elders didn't use our car. It was so nice to have it all day! When we planned in the morning, we had nothing to do so we were going to be finding all day long. Then, all throughout the day, we had several appointments set up! We had a lesson with Grandma Ridoutt, then with Angela, and also with Michael. All went super good! We also made a few videos for our members to encourage them to do missionary work. We made a video for Devan and called it his "Daily Shot of Jesus" video. A few Sunday's ago at the Come Unto Christ class, Devan talked about how he sometimes doesn't like hanging out with his friends because they like to go out and drink. He said "I like shots... when it's my daily shot of Jesus." It was pretty funny! We haven't really been able to contact him very much so we made him the video and shared a scripture with him. Saturday was also my 10 month mark! So to celebrate, we went to Skyline! Literally so good, I love that place. It was a pretty good day!

Sunday, was such a good day! Church was super good and we had someone who used to be taught by some other sisters just randomly show up at church with a member from Fort Wayne. It was so awesome to have her! Everyone in our ward was super welcoming to her. We got to watch the broadcast of the new children and youth program for the 2nd hour of church. I REALLY like the new program! I think it is super awesome, and I might do it too. We had a lesson with the Britton's in our ward. Their family is so good at doing missionary work! We followed up with their goals and they did all of them and then set new goals and told us when to follow up with them. It was awesome! They offered to feed us dinner too so that was super nice! We had our Come Unto Christ class and that was good. Devan came and told everyone about how much he loved the "Daily Shot of Jesus" video we sent to him, it was pretty funny!

Well, that's all that happened this week! Sure love you all!

Sister Roberts


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