September 23, 2019


Englewood, Ohio


Sister Abby Hall

The Trio

Hey everyone!

This week was pretty crazy. We went on exchanges with the Eaton sisters on Tuesday. Sister Owen was with me in Englewood and Sister Hall went to Eaton with Sister Durland. Exchanges were pretty interesting but it was good! Sister Owen told us all that she is going home at the end of this week so that is sad! Anyways, we had lots of time to walk and contact people. We decided to walk this neighborhood behind our apartment and try to contact some people who have been previously taught. While we were walking, we met this guy named Christian and talked to him for a bit. He was super cool, we got his number and he said we could come teach him sometime! We met a few other people who said we could come back, so that was pretty awesome. We went and had our weekly visit with Tracy. She is doing really good. The whole visit, she talked all about politics and everything that is happening. Like EVERYTHING. It was pretty hilarious. She got into the Deep State and all that stuff, she is pretty passionate about it all! Sister Owen and I went and got ice cream at Airline for our exchange treat and exchange review. The ice cream was pretty good. We exchanged back later that night. It was good to have Sister Hall back!

Wednesday we were supposed to have a lesson with Paul but he bailed on us again. We had District Council and that was pretty fun. The elders in our district are pretty interesting...they make Sister Hall and I laugh a lot haha! We did a good role play on teaching simply and that was super effective! We had our weekly leadership call afterwards and talked about exchanges, the zone, and stake reports and MLC action items. We then had our weekly call with the Eaton sisters, that went good too. Sister Hall and I have been looking really hard for more people to teach all week! We went to lots of neighborhoods and tried to contact but not many people were out. It was a pretty hot day. We had dinner with the Goit's before coordination. They feed us a lot because we don't get fed very much anymore. They always invite the elders over at the same time, since he is the ward mission leader. Their family is hilarious so we always have fun over there! We had ward coordination right afterwards and that was good. There is this older couple who are ward missionaries and they are afraid for our safety, it gets pretty funny! They get kind of fired up when we talk about where us and the elders go to find people. It is usually more in the ghetto because that is where the humble people are and they get after us for going to certain neighborhoods. No one else is super worried for us, we are pretty safe so it's kinda funny!

Thursday was weekly planning. We also had to drive to Huber Heights at the end of Dayton East Zone Conference so we could pick up Sister Visser's TIWI card. We were supposed to go on exchanges with Sister Visser and her companion and I was going to Miamisburg with Sister Visser. She left her TIWI card in her last area and I can't we had to go get it for her. I tried to call some people in the office to see if I can drive yet...they won't let me and now my TIWI card is unassigned from my name so now I really can't drive. RIP to my driving skills the next 8 months. ✌ It was fun going to Huber Heights to see the missionaries there though so it was worth it. While we were driving back, Elder Merchant calls us and asks us if we could let Sister Durland stay with us for 2 days since her companion, Sis Owen, was going home and while she waited for her new companion to get here. We said yes and he said they were bringing her at 8:30 that night. We went home and Sister Latta picked us up for dinner and took us to this Mexican restaurant called El Toro. The food was alright but the Latta's are super fun! They were making fun of me because I couldn't reach the floor when I sat down on the bench. In my defense, the bench was really high...for me! They took us home and we went emergency grocery shopping so that we had enough food for Sister Durland to come. The AP's came and dropped her off at 8:30 and we said goodbye to her companion and they left.

Friday was interesting. We walked most of the day and it was pretty hot. We had a great day though! We talked to tons of people and had some great conversations! It was our West Milton day so we went up to see Shirley. We were told last week that she should be back so we were really hoping to see her. We got to her house and she was home!! She was still interested but then told us that she is moving to Piqua for good. We were pretty bummed but hopefully she still wants to be taught in Piqua! We went and saw Jennifer because we haven't been able to get a hold of her lately. We were also supposed to have a lesson with Michael but he ended up calling us and cancelling because he had to pack. He also told us...that he is moving too to Downtown Dayton. So we will be losing him too and passing him off to the Dayton elders. All of our plans fell through for the evening so we decided to go to this one neighborhood. We walked and knocked on some formers doors. It was about 6:30pm and one guy answered and got REALLY mad at us. He started getting after us for waking up his kids and told us how horrible we were. He just kept going and going. We kept apologizing and finally he just slammed the door in our faces. We walked away and it was all okay because we met Haley! She was super interested and we got to teach her about the Book of Mormon right then and there and set up a return appointment! It made it all worth it!

Saturday, the AP's came back in the morning to pick up Sister Durland. Her new companion is Sister Sclafani. She came out in my group but had to go home for surgery so she just got back!! Sister Hall and I took the car to the elders and got on the bus to go to the church. We were supposed to have a video chat with a guy, Tracy from the car wash, but he never answered the call. We did a few things at the church and got back on the bus. Our first bus was really late and we had to transfer onto another bus. We got to our next bus stop and waited and waited for our bus to never came. We were about 6 miles from home and it would've taken us forever to walk home. All of a sudden, one of the recent converts in our ward pulled up next to us. She asked us if we were waiting for the bus and when we told her yes, she offered us a ride home. Tender Mercy! She gave us a ride home and we were so grateful! We went to visit Grandma Ridoutt and that was fun. Then we had our lesson with Michael. He talked our ears off and we tried to cut in and talk about the Restoration. It was pretty hard though haha!

Sunday, Mike and Julie came to church again! It was super awesome to have them there! We have so much hope for them that someday they will want to learn about the gospel! We went and visited a member who is in a nursing home. We were supposed to have a lesson with Haley but she cancelled because she was going out of town. We have lots of hope for her too! All of our plans fell through for the night because the Come Unto Christ class that we have every Sunday night, got cancelled. So we prayed so hard to find another new friend to teach. We looked all night long but never found anyone. It's okay, we both have faith that we will find someone! Justin called to check in with us at the end of the night. So it was fun catching up with him for a few minutes. He is coming up here to visit next week, hopefully.

Well that is all for this week. Sure love you!

Sister Roberts


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