September 16, 2019


Englewood, Ohio


Sister Abby Hall

"No...we're not in high school anymore." -Sister Roberts and Sister Hall

Hey everyone!

This week was quite the week. The past couple of weeks, the weather has been so nice! It has stayed in the 70's for such a long time. This week decided to be in the 90's all week long with at least 50% humidity. Not a fan, team. On Tuesday, we went to West Milton. We were supposed to have a lesson with Jennifer in the morning, but she texted us earlier and canceled so that was a bummer. We had a few other people to go visit and while we were walking around, we were able to talk to lots of people! We went to see if Shirley was home yet. She has been in Piqua for a little over a month now so we haven't been able to teach her at all. Her son answered the door and said she should be back by the 20th so we really hope to see her soon! We had lunch at Subway and this poor girl that was working there, was there all by herself. Her coworker was supposed to have come in 3 hours earlier and so this girl had to handle all the stress of the lunch rush all by herself. She handled it well though. We were talking to her quite a bit and once she made our food, she goes to ring us up and gave us both of our meals for FREE! It was so nice of her and made our day! We went and sticky noted Angela, a recent convert in our ward, and then we went to visit Tracy. It was a really good visit! We got to talking with her about her testimony and her conversion story so that was awesome!

Wednesday we had our weekly leadership call and finalized some things for Zone Conference. It was a SUPER hot day too. We made some invitation balloons for a family in our ward and moved weekly planning to today because Zone Conference is tomorrow. We also had ward coordination and that went good too. Also, since it has been super hot outside, our air conditioning can't keep up with the heat so our apartment stays between 75 and 80 degrees, which with the humidity, is really warm! We have fans going and all the blinds closed to try to keep the heat out. Not working right now but hopefully it will cool off soon!

Thursday was a great day! We had Zone Conference and it went super good! President and Sister Ensign both gave great trainings! President's was about using the Book of Mormon and Sister Ensigns's was about having faith. Both were exactly what we all needed! President and Sister Ensign have both been talking a lot about studying out of chapter 3 of Preach My Gospel and knowing the doctrine. Us and the other leadership in our zone decided to do a Chapter 3 Preach My Gospel Jeopardy with the zone. It actually was super successful and super fun! Sister Hall and I also played our piano duet for a musical number so that was fun, as always! Our trainings that we gave went really well too. We trained on personal revelation, the other STL's trained on the Atonement, and the ZL's trained on our purpose. The rest of zone conference was fantastic! Afterwards, President and Sister Ensign came up to us and told us that this was the best zone conference that they have ever been too. That was really nice to hear! It was Sister Hall's one year mark so we went to City BBQ and Graeter's on the way home. Both were really good. We got back to our area and walked a lot to visit some less active members and a few other friends. It was a really good day!

Friday was a big walking day. We walked a few neighborhoods trying to find some people to teach. We also visited a member in our ward who just had surgery. She is the member that has the same clock as my family so when we were there, it went off and it made me so happy, haha! It was a good visit though! We dropped our car off to the elders earlier than normal. We rode the bus to Downtown Dayton and had to switch buses to get back to Vandalia. It was pretty sketchy but we were laughing the whole time so it was pretty fun. Our bus that we got off of was a few minutes late so we were walking so fast to get to the next bus stop before the bus got there so that we didn't get left in Downtown Dayton. We probably looked pretty hilarious! We made it though so it was good. We were supposed to have a lesson with Michael but he never showed up. We called him and he was in downtown so we rescheduled for tomorrow. We went back for dinner and then walked the rest of the night to visit some people. We were in a really pretty and rich neighborhood, trying to visit a less active member. The neighborhood was gorgeous and we felt like we were back in the mountains so that was fun! We added up the total number of miles that we walked that day and it ended up being 8 miles, which is quite a bit for us in this area! It was great though!

Saturday we rescheduled our lesson with Michael for the morning but he still didn't show up. So we went and walked around a few neighborhoods and ended up talking to quite a few people. This day was a lot cooler than the past couple of days. I was SO grateful! A few days ago, Sister Hall and I reached out to Elder Merchant to coach us on Christlike attributes. We had our first coaching session today on faith. It was super awesome! We had a pretty good discussion about it and learned a lot! We then went to a little restaurant called Airline and met Angela there. We haven't been able to meet with her for a while so it was super fun to catch up with her! She is seriously the cutest lady and super fun! She took us to Grandma Ridoutt's so we could have a new member lesson with her. Grandma is the cutest little old lady I have ever met! She is pretty sassy and it makes us laugh! We walked back to our apartment for dinner and the elders brought us our car back later in the evening. We tried to stop by a few more people but they didn't answer the door. At the end of the night, we had a call with some sisters and then a leadership call to discuss how zone conference went and what we can change for next time. I also think I'm starting to get the cold that Sister Hall had. Hopefully not.

Sunday was great! We had our friend Tracy, who we met at the car wash, just randomly show up at church! He came and stayed for both hours too! He said he really liked it and we were able to get his number to text him for a time to meet up! It was awesome! Also, we went and saw Mark and Julie who came to church last week. Julie wanted a For the Strength of Youth pamphlet so we brought it by their house and they let us in. Their son is taking the lessons from the missionaries at Purdue and they wanted to know what he was learning. When we walked in, they had their notebooks and pens out on the table and GRILLED us with questions. Not in a bashing way but they just genuinely wanted to know about it. It was actually pretty awesome and we were able to clarify some of the deep doctrine that the members told them last week, so that was nice. We were there for about an hour and gave them a Book of Mormon and they really want to read it so we have lots of hope for them! We had dinner at the Goit's with the Elders and I found out that Elder Williams is from Mesa and went to Desert Ridge. He is also in Kenzie Smith's ward so that was cool! Dinner was good though. We invited Devan to come over for the YSA Face 2 Face and watch it with us and Brother Goit but he ended up not coming so we left and did some planning. We had a few calls with some sisters and that was fun too.

Also, I don't know why but people keep asking Sister Hall and I if we are still in high school...I didn't think we looked THAT young! When we try to talk to people they say, "Wait till you graduate high school girls." or "Aren't you still in high school?" Then we say no that we are missionaries for our church and they ask us how old we are. When we tell them, they looked really shocked. So yeah, apparently I look like I'm in high school, which is kinda sad haha! It's pretty funny though, Sister Hall and I get a good laugh about it!

Well that's it for this week! Sure love you all!

Sister Roberts


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