September 9, 2019


Englewood, Ohio


Sister Abby Hall

2nd Transfer in Englewood

Hey everyone!

This week was good. Tuesday was transfers. Since Sister Hall and I are both staying here, it was a pretty normal day for us. We volunteered at the food pantry. It was super slow so we just stood there waiting for people to come in. We were there for about 2 hours and went home early. It was good though, the ladies that work there are really funny and nice, so we were pretty entertained. We visited a few people in the afternoon and contacted tons of people in the evening! It was super awesome! We met a few people who were interested and got their contact information. We then had a leadership call to plan our zoom call for that night with the District Leaders in our zone. We talked to them about zone goals we have set for the end of the year and a few other things for the transfer. Both calls went really good! We have some awesome District Leaders in our zone so this transfer should be good!

Wednesday was good. We had a lesson scheduled with Paul at 9am at the church. We got there early and waited for quite a while but he never showed up. We called him and he didn't answer so we went in the church and studied until 10 and then we did some things for our zone. We had District Council and it was interesting haha. Our district stayed the same except Elder Stafford, who served here in Englewood, left and now we have a new elder. We did some good role plays on talking to everyone and set some goals as a district. After that, we had another leadership call to plan Zone Conference, which is this coming Thursday. It's different working with two sets of STL's and a set of ZL's all in one zone but it'll start working out once we get the hang of it. We got most of the stuff planned. The call was kinda scattered and took about an hour and a half. We got a lot planned though so that was good! We were supposed to have our lesson with Michael but he forgot. We called him and he felt super bad and set up another appointment for Saturday! The Goit's fed us dinner which was super fun. We love the Goit's! We went and visited a referral that we got a few days ago. Her name is Regina and she requested a Bible and Book of Mormon so we brought those to her. She was home and let us in! We talked to her for a bit about the Book of Mormon and asked if we could come by again and tell her about it. She said yes and said we could come by tomorrow! We had coordination at the end of the night and we got ice cream at Cold Stone afterwards. The night ended with a weekly call with the Eaton sisters. They are a funny companionship . We are going on exchanges with them this Friday so I'm excited to see how that is going to go!

Thursday we did weekly planning all day and we decided to text a guy named Dawalt, who we met on Tuesday. He texted us back and we tried to set up a lesson with him. He is going out of town for a while but said we could come tonight! It was a miracle! We had another leadership call to continue planning for zone conference and that call was long too but we got a lot done. We had dinner with the Boyce's. They are the cutest little family and we love being with them! We also had our lesson with Regina to go to. We got there and she wasn't there. We were super bummed because we haven't taught a lesson in about 2 weeks, all of them have fallen through. We called her and she said she forgot but set up another appointment with us for next week. After that happened, Dawalt texted us and canceled too. The night ended kind of sad but we went to the church and jammed out to some mission music on the way to help ourselves feel better, it worked haha. We worked on some stuff for Zone Conference and Stake Reports and went home for the night.

Friday we finished weekly planning in the morning. We went to West Milton and stopped by Jennifer's. We haven't been able to have much contact with her lately but she was home when we stopped by and we were able to talk to her for a bit! She is making some super cute fall decorations and said we could come over on Tuesday for a lesson and to help her make her decorations so we are super excited about that! We picked a neighborhood to visit some formers and potentials in the area book and talked to lots of people! There were some who were interested and wanted us to come back! Hopefully that works out! We had dinner with the Ridoutt's and that was super fun! Sister Ridoutt is from Brazil and she made us some really good tacos. Their family is super cute too! They are awesome at doing missionary work! We had to drop off the car to the elders so they can have it for the day and Sister Latta picked us up from their apartment so we didn't have to take the bus home. She got us ice cream at Dairy Queen on the way home. Then we had another leadership call to talk about stake reports and figure out a Preach My Gospel game for Zone Conference. We ended the night with our weekly call with the Middletown sisters. It is cool to see how one of my old areas is doing and to talk about the ward members with them. It was fun!

Saturday we got on the bus at 9:30 am to take it to the church. Michael got on the same bus and we talked to him for a bit. He confirmed our lesson for tonight and said he would be there! We got off that bus and waited at a bus stop for 40 mins to get on the other bus that would take us to the church. We finally got to the church at 11 am and started to set up for the car wash that our ward was doing. The car wash was super fun! The ward did free car washes and had free hot dogs and lemonade. For everyone who came, we (the missionaries) offered to take them on a chapel tour. Most people really wanted to so it was super awesome! We took them to the primary room, the family history center, through the cultural hall, to the Young Women's room, the Relief Society room and the Chapel. It was super spiritual and we got a few people who were interested! It was awesome! Our lesson with Michael went well! He was super genuine and really wants to know God personally. We are excited to teach him!

Sunday was great! We had a family show up to church. The parents aren't members and their son is learning about the church at Purdue in Indiana and he was home for the weekend. We talked to them for a bit. Hopefully they don't get scared away because all the talks that were given were about Temples and Family History work and contained information that could be super overwhelming at this point. After sacrament meeting, they were swarmed by some members who talked to them about deep doctrine and wanted to show them pictures of all the temples. We took the lady to Relief Society and the class went on a side tangent about dating at 16 years old and a few other standards. She was a bit overwhelmed but was intrigued by the For the Strength of Youth pamphlet. We got her information and said we could bring one to her. We really hope they had a good experience here! They said they enjoyed it so that's a good sign! We had Stake Reports and it was super long but really good! Our stake president is super awesome and has lots of great ideas on missionary work in the stake! We got home around 6, had dinner, and coached the Miamisburg sisters on being doubled in since both Sister Hall and I have been doubled in before. We had our weekly call with the Kettering sisters and that was good. We did our District Leader calls and that went well. The Dayton YSA elders called us and are passing off someone to us that they have been teaching but who is aging out of YSA so that was a blessing.

Well, that's about it for this week! Sure love you!

Sister Roberts


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