September 2, 2019


Englewood, Ohio


Sister Abby Hall

We're Halfway There!!

Hey everyone!!

This week was great! We did LOTS of walking this week. The weather has been super nice and the leaves are slowly starting to change colors. I am super excited to see the fall leaves!! Monday night we walked in the rain. It was just sprinkling so it wasn't too bad. We talked to quite a bit of people! We met these guys named Andrew and Tony who were just sitting in their garage. We stopped to talk to them and they were super nice. Tony thought we were high schoolers and I may or may not have been offended haha just kidding it was really funny though! We gave them a card and a Book of Mormon. Andrew was more interested than Tony so we talked to him a lot about the Book of Mormon and he said he would read it! He didn't want to meet up though but that's okay! At least we gave him our info and a Book of Mormon. They were both pretty drunk though.... They kept saying weird phrases that made no sense and Sister Hall and I tried not to laugh. When we walked away, we laughed pretty hard! We came in at the end of the night to finish weekly planning. While we were planning, this guy named Paul called us. A bit of background on Paul. So at the beginnging of the transfer, Sister Hall and I were walking in a neighborhood and decided to see Paul. He answered and said we could come back the next week after his vacation. So the next week we walked all the way to his house. We were literally walking forever! We got there and he answered and we set up a return appointment with him at the church in the next couple of days! The day before the lesson, he called and cancelled because of certain reasons. We were pretty bummed about it. So then! Monday night we get a call from Paul and he said he went to a different church and it didn't feel right and he wanted to know if the invitation for coming to our church was still open! We said yes and he said he would be there an hour early for a chapel tour! It was such a miracle! We have high hopes for Paul!

Tuesday we walked literally all day long, it was awesome! It was rainy all day too. We picked neighborhoods to go to and contacted like crazy! Our feet were killing us by the end of the day. Sister Hall and I had lots of time to talk and we got to know each other really well! We are literally the same person, it's so funny! We met a lot of people but despite everyone we talked to, no one was interested. It was okay though because we had a great time talking to everyone and getting to know each other more so it was a pretty fun day! We came back at the end of the night and tried to call a few people in the area book. That was pretty much our whole day though! Just walking and contacting!

Wednesday was my halfway mark! It really doesn't feel like I've been out for 9 months, it's so crazy! Well, I got strep...again. It wasn't too bad yet. We had District Council, our last one for the transfer. It was pretty good. The AP's came and gave a training that President wanted them to give. They have been going around to lots of different districts all transfer. Their training was really good! We came back and called the mission nurse. She gave me a few doctors to try but since I was a new patient, the soonest I could get it was October or November. We were trying to call a few different places but no one was answering so we gave up. I took quite a long nap while Sister Hall made some balloons for some members. We were going to get Skyline Chili for dinner because it was my 9 month mark! Since I was sick, we didn't go and we went to get ice cream at Cold Stone instead. We also had ward coordination which was good!

Thursday we did weekly planning all day. I was still pretty sick so we couldn't really do much. We called a few other doctors offices but no one was answering still and so I never went. I took a nap at dinner time, which helped a little bit. We then went to West Milton for a lesson that fell through. But it was good because we got to walk a few neighborhoods and talk to tons of people! We set up an appointment with someone for this next week so we are really looking forward to that! That night, I prayed so hard that my strep would go away. I had so much faith that Heavenly Father could just heal me without having to go to the doctor. We had lots going on this weekend and I really wanted to be there and feel better so I prayed so hard and exercised so much faith to be healed. I knew that whatever Heavenly Father would bless me with, whether it was healing me or letting me get to the doctor, that it'll all work out!

Friday morning I woke up and my strep was GONE! I was completely fine! My throat looked great, I felt great. It was like I never even had strep in the first place! I am beyond grateful for the power of faith and prayer! I know that Heavenly Father answers our prayers and that He has the power to heal us! I am so grateful that I got better and didn't have to go to the doctor at all! We had MLC (Mission Leadership Counsel) all day and it was great! I always love MLC, it's the best meeting in the mission! Sister Ensign gave a great training on being the "lower lights" like on a lighthouse. It was really good! She had Elders Merchant, Young, Sheffield, and Hales sing the BYU Men's Chorus version of Brightly Beams Our Father's Mercy. It was sooo good!! President gave a great training on developing Christlike attributes, mainly having charity and love. It was really good also! President announced some changes in the mission. We are going back to 5 zones now instead of 7, which is super nice and easier to keep track of! The rest of the meeting was great! We gave the car to the elders and rode the bus home. We talked to a few people but no one was really interested, we still gave them our cards though so hopefully they become interested someday!

Saturday we walked again. We rode the bus a lot and got to contact lots of people! We went to see Bobbie and read the Book of Mormon with her. It was a good lesson! We talked about prophets and about Christ and His Atonement. We also went to visit a less active family, the Greathouse's. They are an older couple and they are super nice! The wife is Chinese and didn't speak much English but the English she did know was super good and we could understand her pretty well! The elders were giving us the car back at 7:20 and we left the Greathouse's kinda late so we were trying to walk so fast to make it back so we could give them their bus passes back and they won't miss their bus! It was actually pretty hilarious how fast we were trying to walk! We were laughing a lot! We ended up making it back to them on time, thank goodness! We had a cool miracle happen while riding the bus!! So, background, a few weeks ago, we met this guy named Michael on the bus. We talked to him for a long time and set up a return appointment with him and got his number and everything. He was pretty solid! Then, he didn't show up for the appointment and the phone number wasn't a working number anymore. Then while we were riding the bus, there were tons of people so Sister Hall and I were standing. Once the bus cleared a bit, we sat down and looked at the person to our right...IT WAS MICHAEL! We talked to him and got his new number! He even had us call him right then to make sure it was the right one. It was such a miracle to see him again! We had transfer calls at the end of the night. Sister Hall and I are staying!!!! We are so pumped! It'll be awesome! We also started a new tradition of buying Ben and Jerry's ice cream and eating it during the transfer call haha! We both have the same favorite kind, shocker. There are a lot of changes and I'm excited for the next transfer!

Sunday was good! Church was great and I could really feel the spirit during sacrament meeting, I loved it! We went and visited Tracy again. It was a good visit! She went on and on about politics and everything that is happening in the world. We were there for a long time just listening. She had a lot to say, haha! It was pretty funny! That took up most of our afternoon. We had our Come Unto Christ class. Brother Goit taught the class about patience. It was a really good lesson and he related it back to Joseph Smith and his example of patience. It was super cool! We had our weekly call with the Kettering Sisters and we decided to tell them about Michael. So while we were telling them the story...MICHAEL CALLED! It was crazy! We answered and he asked if we could meet with him on Wednesday afternoon at the library! It was so crazy and so cool! So now we have an appointment with him!

That's about it for this week! I'm grateful for all the experiences that I have had while on my mission and the testimony I've gained! I'm super excited to serve in Englewood another transfer with Sister Hall! Have a great week! Sure love you all!

Sister Roberts


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