August 26, 2019


Englewood, Ohio


Sister Abby Hall

Musical Fireside

Hey everyone!

This week was pretty good. The weather is starting to cool down super early this year! In the mornings its at 55 degrees and it usually doesn't go above 80 during the day so that is a blessing! It is super unusual for Ohio apparently but I'm not complaining! On Tuesday we went on exchanges with the Eaton sisters. I was with Sister Durland in Eaton and that was good. We went to visit quite a few people and had a few lessons. We also went and saw Kim and Rita again. They are my favorite! Right when Kim saw me, she screamed and gave me a huge hug! They are so funny and I had such a fun time being with them! The exchange went good though. We had a member dinner that night and then visited a few more people and exchanged back.

Wednesday we coached the Eastgate sisters in the morning on planning. It was our last coaching session and it went pretty good! We had district council in the morning and the elders in our district are interesting haha. They were doing a bunch of things that were so weird it was funny. Sister Hall and I just sit back and laugh awkwardly haha! We were driving home from district council when all of a sudden we get a call from Justin. We were supposed to meet up for dinner at Outback and for some reason he thought we were meeting for lunch so he was already up here in Englewood. We had a leadership call to go on and so he met us at the library and just chilled while we did our call and then we went out to lunch. It was super fun being with Justin! Outback was super good too! He updated me on all the stuff going on in YSA. We laughed a lot and it was just so good to see him! After that, we had to make a few videos for some members to help them with missionary work. We had coordination at Brother Goit's house and it went pretty good. It was a pretty good day!

Thursday was a busy day. We left in the morning and drove straight to Cincinnati. We got permission to go there so that I can go to Urgent Care to get my foot checked out. The doctor was a bit concerned after the exam so she had me go get an xray to make sure nothing was broken. We had to wait 2 hours to get the xray results so we got permission from Elder Horton to go to UC campus to have lunch and weekly plan so we can have free wifi. It was so cool being back at UC! I got to show Sister Hall around. It was weird being back in my old area, it didn't feel like home anymore haha. It was fun though! We got the results and nothing is broken so the doctor said it's probably inflamed tendons from all the walking so she gave me a prescription and said if it doesn't get better in the next 5-6 days, then I need to go to an orthopedic doctor. Hopefully it gets better! We went and got Graeter's since we don't have one in Englewood and it was so good! We came back and had dinner at Panera with Sister Helis. She is a super funny old lady! It was really fun! We then met Angela at a soccer field while her son was practicing and we walked around with her and talked to her. We haven't seen her in a while so it was nice to catch up. We tried to teach her a new member lesson but she was distracted by her son so we set up another appointment to teach her later on. We then went on exchanges with the Kettering sisters. Sister Estes took us to our meeting spot and I dropped off Sister Hall and picked up Sister Geertsen!

Friday we were on exchanges! It was super fun being with Sister Geertsen! We are both pretty similar so it was good! We walked a lot and talked to tons of people, it was great! We were up in West Milton all day and stopped by to see Shirley. She wasn't home and we haven't been able to see her for a while. We are hoping to get in contact with her soon! We had a crazy awesome miracle! There is this lady named Jennifer, who is friends with some of the people in our ward. She was taught previously and Sister Hall and I have tried to stop by her before but she was never home. We put her in our schedule for earlier in the day but our other lessons took too long to go see her so we ended up going to see her at the end of our exchange. Right when we walked up to her house, she was outside with her kids! We talked to her for quite a while. She said that she never was able to get a Book of Mormon and has always wanted to read about Christ coming to the America's so we pulled out a Book of Mormon and gave it to her! She was so excited to get it! We testified on how much the Book of Mormon has changed our lives and committed her to read it. We also set up a return appointment! It was super awesome! For our exchange review, we got ice cream at Cold Stone and then Sister Latta took us to exchange back. After exchanges, Sister Hall and I found out that we both went to Cold Stone for the exchange treat and that we both got the SAME EXACT ice cream! It was pretty funny!

Saturday was a good day. We gave our car to the elders on Friday night so we walked a lot. We had a pass off lesson with Arthur. He lives in Huber Heights and so we had the Huber Heights elders come to the lesson to teach him. It went super well and Arthur said he would go to church at their ward. It was sad to pass him off but we knew it was what we needed to do! We walked around to a few members but none of them were home. We got on the bus and went to go see Bobbie to have a lesson with her. She is a member who lives in a nursing home and she loves having us over. We rode the bus back to our apartment and had dinner. The rest of the night, we weekly planned and called the Miamisburg sisters for our weekly call.

Sunday was pretty busy too! We had church and came home for lunch and to have a video call with Marnaiya. She was someone we were teaching who moved to Illinois at the beginning of the transfer so we video chat her and read the Book of Mormon together every so often. We then visited Tracy for our weekly visit. It was super fun, we always like going over there. She told us lots of stories of her family and it was all really interesting. Then we came home for an early dinner because we had the musical fireside at 7 and the Eaton sisters were picking us up at 5:30. The musical fireside was awesome! Elder Merchant and Elder Graves planned the whole thing and it turned out really great! Justin came! It was surprising to see him there but it was super fun talking to him afterwards!

Well, that was it for this week! Love you all and feel free to email me! I love hearing from all of you!

Sister Roberts


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