August 19, 2019


Cincinnati YSA


Sister Abby Hall

Cicada Attack

Hey everyone!

This week went by super fast! Tuesday we were on exchanges with the Kettering Sisters. I stayed in Englewood with Sister Squire. It was really good! We walked a lot and it was rough because it was super humid! Let me just say, it was a bad day to wear my hair straight and not curly. We walked to sticky note a family in our ward and had some great conversations with some people on the street! We went and taught this sweet old lady named Bobbie. She is a member and she lives in a nursing home so we go see her quite often. We then went to visit Sister Estes. She is a sweet old lady too haha! It was super fun visiting with her. We got to know her a lot and she asked us lots of questions. She also told us some fun stories from her childhood! We had dinner with our ward mission leader, Brother Goit. He actually used to live in Arizona for a long time! He was in Queen Creek and so he talks to me a lot about Arizona, which I love! They fed us chili and cornbread and that was really good! We then went and visited a few people afterwards and did our exchange review at the church. The Dayton YSA elders were having a lesson there with someone they are teaching so we had to leave. It was a good exchange though!

Wednesday we went to get our oil changed in our Equinox. It went good and only took about an hour. We came back for Weekly Planning. I have this huge bruise on my foot that has been there for almost three months now and it hurts really bad so I called the mission nurse about it and she told me to go to Urgent Care. So we went in the afternoon and the place we went to, wouldn't accept my insurance so I was going to have to pay out of pocket. So we left and went to a different Urgent Care. Turns out, they only see patients who have injuries that happened at work so I had to leave that one too. We tried a few others and all of them wouldn't take my insurance, even though all the other doctors in Cincinnati did. So we went home and finished weekly planning. Then we coached the Miamisburg sisters on contacting and that went really good! I love contacting and talking about it so it was really fun! We went and had dinner at the Goit's house again. They feel bad because we don't get fed too often. We had ward coordination afterwards and that went really good. Our ward is super missionary minded, its awesome!

Thursday we were driving around like crazy! First, we called the mission nurse about the Urgent Care appointments and she suggested another one. So we left at 8:45am to be there right when it opened. I filled out all the paperwork and insurance stuff and they wouldn't accept my insurance either. They said some information was wrong and that I needed to find out some things. So I called mom and dad to see what I was missing. We were all confused about it because the information I gave was right but they still wouldn't accept it. It was weird. So we ended up leaving that place too. I'll get my foot fixed eventually! So we decided to head to Centerville for the Kettering District Council that Elder Merchant invited us to. It was a great district council and super fun! We went to Chick Fil A for lunch and then headed back to Englewood for our district council and interviews. It all went pretty good! Interviews were really good too. President told me that I am an old missionary now, which I really don't feel like it haha! We then had a lesson with a member referral named Ameris. Bishop Dotson gave us the referral and so we had the lesson in his home and they fed us dinner. The lesson went really well and we have another one for this Thursday! We then went on exchanges with Miamisburg sisters.

Friday I was in Miamisburg with Sister Chapman all day on exchanges. It was really good. We did some service at this place called Threads and people who are in need of clothes come and look through buckets of clothing and when they raise their hands, we go and switch out their buckets for them for different sizes and stuff. It was really cool! We then had lunch at a members house, which went really good. We did companion study and then went and visited some less active members. We contacted a few people along the way. The day went by super fast. At the end of the day, we went and got ice cream at Graeter's. It was so good and we don't have a Graeter's in Englewood so it was nice haha.

Saturday we walked all day. We had a lesson with our friend Eric at the library at 9:30am. He is YSA so we had Elder Hales and Elder Wilson there so we could pass him off to the Elders. We were sitting outside with the Elders, waiting for Eric. After half an hour, he didn't show up so we went back home to do comp study and have lunch. We had a lesson with Arthur back at the library. It went really good. We gave him a Book of Mormon and talked a lot about it. He had lots of questions to ask us about missionary life too. We also found out that he lives in Huber Heights, unfortunately. We have another appointment with him on Saturday and the Huber Heights elders are coming so we can pass him off to them. We finished weekly planning and walked a lot to go visit some people. We ended our night with a call with our zone leadership.

Sunday was pretty busy! Arthur came to church and that was awesome! We then coached the Eastgate sisters on planning for your members. We ate lunch at the church and then went to our weekly visit with Tracy. Tracy is super fun, we love her! Then we had a few plans to visit some people. We went to dinner at a members house and that was really fun. They had lots of kids too! We had our Come Unto Christ class after. It had a really good turn out. We met a lot of new people which was great! Then...last night Sister Hall and I went to our little balcony right before 10:30 so we could look at the storm. All of a sudden, I hear this super loud buzzing noise and it was dark so I couldn't see if it was a bug or not. So I ran inside super fast and slammed the sliding door. We turned around and saw this HUGE bug on the carpet. It was seriously the size of my whole thumb. It was GROSS! Sister Hall got a Tupperware and put it over the bug. It didn't move at all and we thought that maybe I slammed it in the door or something. So we moved the Tupperware around a little bit to see if it would move and it started to try to fly. It was so scary! We sat there looking at it and it was absolutely gross! Sister Hall ended up sliding a clipboard under the Tupperware and let it go outside. It started buzzing super loud and scared us both! It was so funny!

Well that is about it for this week! Sure love you!

Sister Roberts


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