August 12, 2019


Cincinnati YSA


Sister Abby Hall

3 Miracles in One Day!!

Hey everyone!

This week has been absolutely amazing! On Tuesday, we had a Zoom call with our zone and us and the other Zone Leaders and Sister Training Leaders, trained our zone on the things that we learned at MLC. It went pretty good. Then we went and planted some bulbs for an older lady in our ward. It was interesting to say the least! Her dog started to run away so she made us chase her dog down and bring it back, that was pretty funny! She then took us to her friends house to show us her barn. It was cool but Sister Hall and I were afraid we were going to get attacked by her rooster. She has a sign on her gate that said "Beware, rooster attacks." We were safe though and made it out alive, haha! We had an awesome lesson with our friend Shirley! We had our first official lesson with her. We taught her the Restoration and were planning on inviting her to pray about Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon. The whole plan changed when we got there. We still taught the Restoration and she accepted all that we had to tell her! It was awesome and the spirit was so strong. Then, instead of inviting her to pray, we invited her to be baptized and she accepted it! So she is now on date for Sept. 7! It was super cool! We then visited some members and then went to dinner at the Boyce's. They are the cutest family, it was so fun! We went to visit some less actives and came in to be coached by Elder Hales on contacting. It turned into him helping us figure out how to help some missionaries in our Zone and it was super helpful! Sister Latta picked us up at our apartment and took us to exchanges. I stayed here in Englewood with Sister Baldwin.

Wednesday we were on exchanges. We sticky noted a family in our ward and talked to so many people! We walked all day long which was nice, but it was a hot day. We had some great contacts! There was this old couple whose car broke down and so we stopped to talk to them and see if everything was okay. We had a great time talking to them and they kept us there for about 45mins. It was crazy but they were super nice! The old man kept telling us all his stories so that was cool! We also had a lesson with our new friend Michael but he didn't show up. We did contact this guy named Arthur. He was standing at the bus stop when we walked by and we talked to him for a bit. He was super cool! His bus started to come so we gave him our card and invited him to church. He said he would think about it and then got on the bus and left. At the end of the exchange, Sister Latta picked us up again and we exchanged back. We had missionary coordination which went pretty good too!

Thursday we did Weekly Planning all day and actually finished it this time! Also, I got permission to stay in contact with Justin, so we planned to have him come up here today for lunch, but it ended up getting cancelled. He called us and said that his tire was flat and it was going to take 3 hours to get it fixed. I was super sad! We had dinner with a member from Brazil and she made us some really good Brazilian food! It was great. Elder Taylor, one of the AP's, coached us on having better companion study. We wanted some coaching sessions and just thought of different things that we thought would be cool to be coached on. It was really good. He talked a lot about how good companion study helps build a better and closer relationship with your companion. Sister Hall and I have definitely experienced that!

Friday was Zone Conference! It was great! President Ensign gave a training on obedience. That was super good! Sister Ensign gave a great training on repentance. There were some great musical numbers, also Sister Hall is a phenomenal piano player! We had our bishop from the Englewood ward come to speak to our zones. He talked about how to work better with members and ward leaders. It was really good! The missoinaries who leave at the end of the transfer gave all of their departing testimonies. It was really sad especially because all the missionaries that are starting to go home, are all ones who I have served around and know really well. After Zone Conference, we had a dinner with a member. She is older and has us work for our food. So we pull her weeds for her while she makes dinner and then she feeds us. It's really funny! She made us steak and potatoes. It was really good! We gave our car to the elders so they could have it the next day and we rode the bus back home.

Saturday, Elder Taylor coached us on personal studies. It was a really good coaching session and he kept talking about how your personal study time is a time for you to reconnect with Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. It was super good! We rode the bus a lot! All of our lessons fell through that day but it was okay! We kept busy and walked a lot. We made some member missionary balloons for some of our members that we work with a lot. Then we had a call with the ZL's and STL's about stake reports to get everything coordinated.

Sunday was awesome! We went to church and 3 miracles happened! 1. We walk into church on Sunday and there was this guy who came up to shake our hands and we have no idea who he is, I kind of recognized him but I couldn't really figure it out. During sacrament meeting, I sat and looked at him and I knew he looked familiar. I prayed and asked Heavenly Father to help me remember who this is if I know him. All of a sudden, it came to me that it was Arthur from the bus stop! He came to church!! It was awesome! He stayed for the whole two hours and liked it! We got his number and have a lesson with him on Saturday!
2. My companion and I have been fasting and praying to find a family to teach, and this family of 5 who live down the street from the church, just showed up in sacrament! They are just going around and looking for different churches and they really liked it!
3. AND THEN this member referral that we have been trying to come in contact with, contacted our Bishop and said that she wants to start taking the lessons! So we now have a lesson with her in our bishops home on Thursday! It was so awesome! We also had stake reports. It was good. We coordinated all the missionary efforts in the stake with the Stake President and a few high councilman. It went really well! Then we went straight to the church for our Come Unto Christ class. The Englewood elders taught it and they did a pretty good job! We got home for the day at 8:00 and had our dinner hour. It was a busy day! We called the Kettering sisters for our weekly call and it was fun!

Well, that's about it for this week! I'm loving my new area and I'm having so much fun! There is nothing that brings me more joy than missionary work and witnessing the miracles from Heavenly Father! Sure love you!

Sister Roberts


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