August 5, 2019


Cincinnati YSA


Sister Abby Hall

Never a Dull Moment

Hey everyone!

This week has been great! On Tuesday we were on exchanges with the Eaton sisters! I went to Eaton with Sister Hansen and Sister Hall stayed in Englewood with Sister Durland. Sister Hansen and I had lots of fun! They were moving apartments at the beginning of this transfer and so we went to the old apartment to clean out the rest of the stuff they had there. There was so much stuff there but it went good. We also had an awesome lesson with this guy, Jason. We just sat there and got to know him a ton. He is super cool and really nice! He was being taught by the Eaton elders before they both left the area. We read a few scriptures with him and we could feel that the lesson was being guided totally by the spirit! We had a few moments that were silent but the spirit was so strong and was touching Jason's heart. Apparently, he is now on date for baptism!!! After the lesson, we went to Kim and Rita's house. Kim is a member and Rita is a recent convert. They are both these hilarious, little, old ladies! We got there and they were picking their carrots from their little garden and we helped them. Kim was totally roasting us the whole time! It was so funny! We went inside with them and Rita was reading a letter from a sister who used to serve there. We all got on the topic of writing letters and Kim asked from my address so she could mail me letters. She is seriously my favorite! It was such a fun exchange!

Wednesday we had District Council. It went good. We had a lesson with Marnaiya, which went pretty well. She is for sure staying in Illinois so we have to hand her off to the elders there. We stayed at the church to eat and to practice our piano duet for MLC. Then we left and went to visit some less active members who live near the church. We walked a bunch. We have low miles every month so we walk a lot. We also had missionary coordination meeting at our ward mission leaders house. It was fun and there were lots of member missionaries there so that was cool! Our zone leadership had a video call at the end of the night to discuss MLC action items. The call was good and effective and we were able to talk about a lot of different things and plan for Zone Conference next week! I am super excited about Zone Conference!

Thursday we did weekly planning in the morning and then went to Airline, a little fast food place that has super good ice cream. We met Brinkley, a YSA in our ward, there! She is super cute and we had fun with her! Meeting with her made me miss talking to YSA all the time. But we had fun! We then went to visit a former in the Area Book. His name is Jeffery and we got hoosiered by him for a whole hour! He comes out with these two HUGE bible dictionaries and has us look up the definitions to saints, angel of the Lord, demonic possession, and Satan. It was so weird! Then he starts to tell us that he's been a wolfdog, cat, horse whisperer basically his whole life. He then goes on to tell us that he knows how to speak Navajo and starts to bless us in Navajo. It was awkward and became so hard not to laugh! Then he tells us all these stories of people in a jail cell who are possessed. It was actually funny because it was all this crazy stuff that really made no sense at all! After a long hour of standing on his porch, listening to him talk about a bunch of random things, we are finally able to get some words in and say that it was nice to meet him but we had to go. He stands up and starts to slightly pull the back of his pants down to his hip to show us this scar on his upper hip and says "See this?? This is from falling off the back of a pony too many times." Then he just went inside and we left. Sister Hall and I couldn't help but laugh as we walked away! It was so funny! We have been laughing about this all week long!! That night we had a member dinner with Sister Sylvester. She is an older lady and we went and helped her pull weeds in her backyard. She had tons of HUGE weeds and it was super hot outside! She fed us dinner after we earned it by pulling her weeds. She also has the SAME EXACT clock that my family has back home! It has the same music and everything! When I saw it, I got so excited and asked her if I could push the button to play the music, haha! It made me so happy! She also had the same hurricane lamps that Great Grandma Hall used to have and Grandma Hall has now so that was cool to see too! After that, we went to visit this lady named Shirley, who Sister Hall and Sister Durland found on exchanges. They talked to her on her porch and gave her a Book of Mormon. We have been trying to get ahold of her but hadn't had any luck so we just decided to go see her. She was home and let us in! She has already started to read the Book of Mormon and we read some with her! She wants to come to church with us on Sunday too! We are so excited to start teaching Shirley! She is the cutest old lady ever!

On Friday we had MLC. It was really fun! Sister Hall and I played our piano duet and it turned out really good! The spirit was super strong and it was so fun to play with her! We talked a lot about how to build better relationships with our Bishop's and ward mission leaders. It was a really good meeting! The Ensign's talked about appropriate missionary behavior and appearance and did a few "skits" with the AP's. It was actually pretty hilarious and also horrifying that missionaries would do the things they acted out! It was great! My whole district from last transfer was there so that was fun to have the gang back together. Elder Robinson and Elder Hales kept making fun of me about not being able to drive...that is still in the works but nothing has happened yet so hopefully something starts soon! We had someone from UC come to talk to all of us at MLC and Elder Ruddell (an elder who served in Cinci YSA) and I were reminiscing about serving on campus. It was fun to listen to the presentation about my old and favorite area! We gave our car to the Englewood elders for them to use for a day. We got their bus passes and took the bus home. It was about an hour and a half long bus ride. Riding the bus isn't too bad! We were able to talk to lots of people about the gospel as we sat there. A guy named Michael asked us lots of questions and we have an appointment with him next week! We had to switch buses in downtown Dayton at the bus station and while we were switching, this guy came up to us with his daughter and asked us to tell his daughter who we were and what we do as missionaries. It was a different but really cool experience! We got on the bus and went home.

Saturday was a big walking day! Last week, we met this guy named Paul who was going on vacation and told us to come back at the end of the week. We took the bus only a little ways. The nearest bus stop to Paul was a 45 min walk to his house. So we walked 45 mins to get to Paul's. I don't know why, but in Ohio, the sidewalks suddenly just end so Sister Hall and I were on this busy road and the sidewalk just all of a sudden decides to end. So we had to walk on the very edge of the road and walk in the grass when cars came. It was crazy! We got to Paul's and set up a return appointment with him! Then we had to walk 45 mins back to the bus stop to travel back home. It was a hot and long walk but it was so worth it! We also went and saw "Grandma" in the afternoon! Grandma Ridoutt is the cutest lady ever! We read Mosiah 2:41 with her and talked about obedience. Then she starts asking us if we were leaving to go see some boys. It was so funny! She laughs and said that we better do that after our missions. It was hilarious! After Grandma's, Sister Hall and I made some videos for our members to help them with inviting their friends to meet with missionaries. It took us forever to make the video because we kept laughing! It was so funny and we both have the same sense of humor so everything is funny to us! It was super fun though and we eventually made the video without laughing....kinda.

Yesterday, Shirley came to church! We had a member pick her up and they sat with us. Shirley really enjoyed church! A lot of the members talked to her and helped her feel welcome and it was awesome! After church, we went and visited Tracy. She told us all about her ghost hunting stories that she has and they are pretty interesting. Tracy is the funniest lady! We love visiting her! We went and visited a few people after being with Tracy. To end the night, we went to the Come Unto Christ class that we have every Sunday night. The class focuses on developing Christlike attributes out of Chapter 6 of Preach My Gospel. It is a great class to bring our friends that we are teaching!

Well that is about it for this week! Sister Hall and I are having lots of fun together! We are seriously the same person, it's kinda weird! We literally think the same, have the same comments and ideas, and like the same things. It is so funny!

Feel free to shoot me some emails! I would love to hear from you all! Sure love you!

Sister Roberts


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