July 29, 2019


Cincinnati YSA


Sister Abby Hall


Hey everyone!

So you know how I told you that President Ensign told me that I was staying in YSA for another transfer? Yeah that didn't happen haha! On the transfer calls, he was announcing the new Sister Training Leaders and said me! So now I'm in Englewood up in Dayton as an STL and it is awesome! My new companion is Sister Hall, she is super nice and we are having so much fun together already! We have the same sense of humor and literally laugh over everything! So on Sunday, I had to say goodbye to the members in the YSA. It was so sad! I LOVE everyone in that ward and I will definitely miss it! These past 3 transfers have been my favorites so far! I have learned so much and grown spiritually and as a missionary from serving in YSA. After church we went to visit Marci Robins, one of the members, and she had brownies for us and gave me the cutest present! She gave me this little bag with a small pearl necklace and a little note. Then she read this short story about pearls and it talked about how Heavenly Father puts us all in different situations to shape us into the "pearls" He wants us to be. It was the sweetest and cutest story ever! We had lots of fun with her. Then we had a leadership call about what will be happening this next transfer. I am super pumped to see how it will all turn out!

Monday was packed! So we went to breakfast at First Watch with Tracy so I could say goodbye. It was really sad because I love Tracy so much! The food was SUPER good! We had a really fun time with her and she is one of my favorites! We came home and finished Weekly Planning and then I started to pack. Let me tell you, I have collected way too many things already haha! Then at 3:00, we went to lunch with Hope. We had lots of fun and Hope kept asking us some deep questions and asked us to tell her about our lives. It was funny! We shared funny stories about our childhood and it was great. Saying goodbye to Hope was hard but she said she would come visit me in Englewood! Then....we literally left straight from lunch with Hope, to dinner with Justin. This is THE highlight of my week...Justin took us to a 5 star restaurant! We went to The Captial Grille and I have never had better steak in my life! It was so good! We all got some sort of steak and Justin also got a lobster. Apparently it's the best lobster in the nation. He made me try it and it was pretty good! We also had lobster mac and cheese. I was so full haha it was so worth it! We had FHE right after and we all played Sardines. It was pretty fun! I said goodbye to Megan and Mindy. Seriously, the saddest moment! I also had to say goodbye to Justin. :( That was rough haha, we all took tons of pictures. The night was so fun though and I am so grateful for the memories and friendships I have made here!

Tuesday was transfer day! I saw Sister Frandsen which was fun! I can't believe she is going home! It is so crazy! I got to see a lot of missionaries and then I found my new companion, Sister Hall, and we left! Englewood is awesome! The members in the ward are super missionary minded and they are so welcoming. This is the Promised Land! We walk a lot in Englewood because we have limited miles. I'm getting pretty tan though so that's a plus! We walked a lot and visited and contacted lots of people! Sister Hall updated me on the missionaries in the Zone and I am so excited to be serving here!

Wednesday we had district council. My new district has the Dayton elders, Elders Walker and Brakey, and the Englewood elders, Elders Stafford and Leaño (Elder Leaño was in my MTC district). It's a pretty cool district. We went and visited some people in the ward and some potentials. We also made a Member Questions of the Soul, to help the members with missionary work, even though they are already doing everything! We went and sticky noted a lady we are teaching and then came back to have a weekly call with the Eaton sisters. The day went by so fast!

Thursday we did some CRAZY service for Brother McMurtry. We went over in the morning and helped him lay pavement in his driveway. So he has a tree in his yard that the roots have grown huge and they lifted up the cement on his driveway and he wanted us to take sledgehammers and break the concrete that was lifted so he could refill it. He showed us all this technique on how to use the sledgehammer and break the concrete. It was crazy!! Then he taught us how to lay the pavement down. He wanted us to just go around the tree root to hopefully even it out. It was crazy! I was surprisingly not sore so that was nice!

Friday we did service for Angela, a recent convert and we helped her paint. I may or may not have had slight PTSD from when my family painted our house before my mission haha! It was fun though! We also did a pathetic sticky note job on a members garage. Their front door was open and we only had little sticky notes so it looked hilarious! We tried by a few people all day and had a few leadership calls too. It was fun!

Saturday and Sunday were pretty chill. We didn't do anything super exciting. Just met a few members and walked a lot. It was a great week though!!

I'm so excited to serve in Englewood and to be an STL! This week flew by so fast and I'm so excited for this transfer! Have a great week! Love you all!

Sister Roberts


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