July 20, 2019


Cincinnati YSA


Sister Hanah Peterson


Hey everyone!

This week was pretty good! On Sunday we had Holly come to church. Holly is honestly one of my favorite people. I really feel like we knew each other before this life and that she is one of the people that I was sent to Ohio to teach. We told her that transfers were next week and she was super sad and praying the whole time that I won't be transferred haha! She had a great time at church and everyone loves her! We went to Amara Brewer's house for dinner. Her mom loves to feed us and she made us this really good pasta dish! We love going to their house! They are so fun to be around and they feed us really well haha! We shared a message with them about finding peace in Christ during our trials. It was based off of the last training that President Welch gave us in Zone Conference. We had a really good time at their house! They take good care of us!

Monday we did weekly planning...all day long! Then we had FHE and everyone played flag football. I brought my dress that I got stuck in last week. The zipper was still stuck and I brought it see if any members could fix the zipper for me. I was working on it and Elder Wigington saw it so he decided to try to work on it. The AP's called and so I was on the phone with them and when the call was over I went back to Elder Wigington...HE FIXED MY DRESS!!! I don't know how he did it but it's fixed! Bless his soul! Tracy came to FHE and played flag football with everyone! It was awesome and she had a great time! I love Tracy so much!

Tuesday we met with Bradi and hung out at her house for a bit. We talked about missionary work and she has been sharing the gospel with people! She is seriously the cutest person ever! We walked campus a bit and then came home. I got a call from the vehicle coordinator and the mission nurse. They told me that since I passed out again, I am not allowed to drive anymore...I was so sad! It's only a precaution because I have my companion in the car so if anything happened to me, it wouldn't turn out well. Hopefully I get to drive again soon though! At the end of the night, we coached the Dayton YSA sisters on planning and it went really well! I love coaching other missionaries. It's super fun!

Wednesday we had our last district council for the transfer and it was so fun! I love my district! I gave a training on recognizing the spirit and asking inspired questions and it went pretty well! Some other elders gave some trainings that were super good too! Our district just laughs the whole time and we all get along so well! I will definitely miss the elders that will be transferred! We also took a picture in the basement of the church with one of the church logo signs that they have on the front of the church buildings! It is seriously one of my favorite district pictures ever! We had a lesson with Tracy and talked about the commandments. She bought us lunch and brought it to the church and we ate during our lesson. It was so fun! We went and had dinner with Justin at this really good burger place in downtown Cincinnati. Then we went to the swings that overlook the Ohio River and we were about to read some scriptures with him when all of a sudden it started to DOWNPOUR! It was crazy! There was nowhere to go and so we just embraced the fact that we were going to get soaked and we laughed and had fun with it. It was wild!

Thursday we did another booth on campus. It was a lot more successful than last time! Overall, us and the elders talked to over 200 people! It was awesome! The humidity is getting super bad so that isn't too fun. It makes us super sticky and sweaty and it is super hot outside but it's all good! I'm getting tan from it so that's a plus! We had dinner with Yoni at Habanero and then had a lesson with Justin so we could actually read scriptures with him since we got rained on last time. I love reading scriptures with Justin! We can read a whole chapter and at the end just have a great discussion about it all. It is one of my favorite things!

Friday we had lunch with Holly and it was so fun! We laughed the whole time and talked about the most random stuff! She is progressing in the gospel really well and we absolutely love her! We weren't sure about transfers and she is going to Guatemala the next morning and staying there for 2 weeks so we had to say a possible goodbye. It was sad! We had a lesson with our friend Jerusha from the ward. She is the sweetest person! We also had a lesson with Emily and read the Book of Mormon with her. They both went really well! We had ward coordination that night and coached the Dayton YSA sisters again. Also, I'm FINALLY going to be a piano teacher! Justin asked me to teach him how to play the piano haha and I am so excited! It'll be awesome!

Today we had interviews. President Ensign told me that we are both staying in YSA! It'll be my 4th transfer here and I am so glad!!! I really am not ready to leave this area! We have transfer calls tonight so we will see what actually happens!

Love you all so much and feel free to email me and I will try to answer! Have a great week!


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