July 13, 2019


Cincinnati YSA


Sister Hanah Peterson


Hey everyone!!

This week was pretty good! Sunday was good. We didn't have anyone that we are teaching come to church but some other sisters brought their friend Carlie to the YSA. She is super nice! We weekly planned at the church all day and went contacting in Over The Rhine in downtown Cincinnati. We met this guy named Marco and he wasn't YSA but we had a great conversation with him! We applied what the downtown elders taught us about being genuine and it was really awesome!!

Monday we taught Levi, he's the guy that asked me to marry him. We had a weird lesson and taught the first 2 and last 2 points of the Restoration but somehow he kept bringing it back to marriage. He asked both me and my companion what our rings meant and how long we wanted to wait to get married. It was so weird. So after the lesson we passed him off to the elders, Haha! We had a super awesome lesson with Holly! She is progressing so much and I seriously love her! We had such a fun time with her. We talked about the Book of Mormon and she reads a lot and applies it all to herself and her life, even all the war chapters! It's so awesome! She is my absolute favorite!

Tuesday we went back to Over The Rhine (OTR) and met Hassan to have rolled ice cream. It was pretty good!! I got salty caramel pretzel and it was really good! We walked around downtown Cincinnati and tried to contact some people. We had a lot of lessons fall through but it was okay. We were able to contact some people over the phone. We also coached the Dayton YSA sisters. We are helping them with planning for YSA. It's been going good! It's super fun to coach them!

Wednesday we had District Council. It was really good! We had some good trainings. I ended up passing out at the end so that was fun. I landed on my companions lap and her and Elder Wigington had to lay me on the floor. I woke up pretty fast and Elder Robinson and Elder Hales gave me a blessing which helped a lot. But I'm doing better now! We had a new member lesson with Hope and it was super fun! We talked about the Plan of Salvation and had a good discussion about it! Then, Justin took us to to dinner at BJ's. It was super good! Justin ordered an appetizer and he got calamari. I refused to eat it! Then he and Sister Peterson convinced me to try it. I never thought I would say this but...I really like calamari! It was super good!!! Thanks to Justin, I like calamari. 😂 Once we got home, I realized that my zipper on my dress was stuck! My companion worked on it for a whole hour and it didn't budge. We ended up calling Sister Ensign and asking her for help! It was seriously the funniest phone call of my life! President Ensign was listening to the call and he was laughing at us the whole time! It was pretty funny! Long story short, we tore apart the zipper and I wasn't stuck in my dress the rest of my life 😂

Thursday and Friday were pretty good! We did a booth on campus and it wasn't super successful but it was fun! We also met with Tracy and had lunch with her at MOD pizza. It was super fun! We had a good lesson with her too! I love Tracy! She is so fun! We went to dinner with Megan and Mindy at a nice Italian restaurant for Sister Peterson's birthday. It was really good!! We had a fun time with them. They told us all of their stories of the millions of celebrities they have met! They have met everyone, it's crazy! We always have fun with them.

Well that's about it for this week!! Sure love you!!

Sister Roberts


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