July 6, 2019


Cincinnati YSA


Sister Hanah Peterson

✌🏻Welcome to YSA Everybody✌🏻

Hey everyone!

This week was filled with lots of crazy things that happened! So on Monday we did lots of planning in the morning and then we drove around and visited a lot of less actives. One of them wasnt home but her mom let us in and fed us banana cream pie with lemonade. She had a gigantic dog! His name was Zeus and he is a Great Dane mixed with a Saint Bernard. He is literally 180 lbs and came up to my elbow. It was straight up wild. We had FHE and made bath bombs and played volleyball. It was pretty fun except when I got home, I tried out the bath stained me pink...and stained the tub. So I immediately showered and scrubbed it off! I was panicking! It was pretty hilarious though!

Tuesday we started coaching the Dayton YSA sisters. We aren't coaching them on planning this time, it's more of coaching them with YSA life and different ideas and stuff. It's fun! Then we went to campus for a bit and contacted and then drove to Little Miami to have lunch with Yoni at La Jaiba. Sister Peterson and I ordered tacos and the waiter came out with these "Americanized" tacos and gave Yoni (who is mexican) the good Mexican tacos. I've never felt so discriminated in my life...😂😂 They were still decent so it was good! So then we went back to campus to contact and met up with the elders to give them some food we weren't going to eat. They were on exchanges so it was Elder Wigington and Elder Robinson. We talked with them for a bit and then this guy named Levi walked up to us and we started talking to him. Elder Robinson went to introduce Sister Peterson and I and says "These are my friends Sister Roberts and Sister Iverson." Right when he said that, we made eye contact and died laughing haha! Major throwback to the MTC days! Anyways, the conversation was really good and we all got his number and he got ours. We left to go have dinner with Hassan and that was super fun! He's hilarious! Then we went to Eastgate to do a blitz with the sisters. Me and Sister Barstow went and visited these less active members and they had a big dog who kept jumping on us and trying to bite us. She was a puppy so she was just playing with us like she does with her owner but it was super crazy and she would jump on our backs while we were sitting on the couch and try to bite our ears. It was very annoying 😂 she was cute though so that made it a bit better! We also met this guy named Michael Scott! Haha I flipped when I saw the name. But he said he would try to come to YSA soon so hopefully he does!

Wednesday we met President and Sister Ensign! They are super nice and so sweet! I'm really excited to serve the rest of my mission with them! We had some trainings given by the STLS and ZLS about using the Book of Mormon. It was super good. I played prelude, the opening song, and postlude so that was fun to play! We were supposed to have a lesson with Holly afterwards but she had to cancel. We rescheduled for next week! We drove around Kentucky for a bit and went home for dinner. We proselyted in Downtown Cincinnati for the evening and it was pretty fun! We had a good conversation with these two 18 year old boys. We got to know them a bit and asked them about the Cincinnati area and their favorite places to go. They asked us about what we do and asked about our church. Then we invited them to some activities and gave them our card and went our separate ways. THEN, about 5 mins later, we hear fast footsteps coming up from behind us so we turned around and it was the same guys we just talked to. They asked us out on a date!! It was hilarious! We explained that we were missionaries but that we could meet them at the park and teach them about our beliefs. They were disappointed and said okay but they haven't texted us so I'm guessing that's a no! 😂 The rest of downtown was good though!

Thursday was the 4th of July!! We proselyted downtown in Over The Rhine and it was super humid! I experienced my first REAL humid day. I didnt like it...its a no from me. I was sweating so much and everytime I tried to dry off my hand, it would still be wet. It was awful! My companion and I laughed about it though! Then, the craziest thing happened to me. Levi, the guy we met on campus with the elders, called us. We missed the call so we had to call him back. We called him and he was asking if we had the authority to marry people. We told him no but that our Bishop does. He asked us what would have to happen if he wanted to marry a Sister from our church. We, of course, explained taking the lessons and getting baptized. He agreed and FLAT OUT says, "Sister Roberts, then could I marry you?" I. Died. My mouth dropped and I looked at my companion. I explained that I was a missionary and that we don't do that stuff on our missions but that we could teach him, haha! It was the weirdest thing of my life! ✌🏻Welcome to YSA everyone✌🏻! Then we went to lunch with Megan and Mindy. We drive to their house and they drive us up to Hamilton to find these food trucks. Apparently there was this whole event going on with tons of food trucks everywhere. We drive for a while and got there, but there were no food trucks. Then they put in another address and we still couldn't find them. So they typed in another address and we still never found them. So after driving for 2 hours, we gave up and went to Cracker Barrel for lunch. It was good! We finally got back to their house at took us 3 hours to do all of that. It was crazy. All the missionaries had to be in our apartments by 6pm because of the holiday. We coached the Dayton YSA sisters and then got coached by the Downtown Elders on contacting. We asked them on Wednesday to help us out because they are both fantastic at contacting since that's all they do everyday. It was the best coaching session I have ever had! I seriously learned so much about being myself as a missionary and being genuine! It was great and I totally needed it!

Friday we had MLC. It was super fun! It was also really cool because there were lots of us there that came out together. It was Me, Sisters Iverson, Peterson, and Hawkins, and Elder Robinson. It was really fun! MLC was great and there are a few changes in the mission but they aren't too big. We drove to Springboro to visit Tori because she moved there so suddenly and we had a lesson with her. It went good and it was good to see her again! So we drove back home and we got to drive through Middletown!! We saw the area that my old apartment was and drove on the road I drove on every day when I was there! It was so cool!! We had ward coordination that night and Justin came since he is a ward missionary. He kept us all laughing the whole time! It was great!

Oh man, such a great and crazy week! This transfer is more than halfway over and I'm loving my time here! This has seriously been the best decision I have ever made in my entire life! I know that this is what Heavenly Father wants me to do and I am so grateful for the friendships I've made here!! Have a great week! Sure love you all!

Sister Roberts


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