June 29, 2019


Cincinnati YSA


Sister Hanah Peterson

Hope's Baptism!

Hey everyone!!

This week was super fun!! So on Sunday, HOPE WAS BAPTIZED!!! The baptism went super well! President and Sister Welch came and President baptized her. We had tons of Missionaries there to support her. Sister Frandsen and Sister Larsen came! It was really fun to see them haha. We had tons of other sisters come, who have taught Hope and when she was baptized they were all crying, it was really sweet. I am so proud of Hope and the decision she has made to be baptized! Her testimony that she bore was really powerful and I know she will be such a great addition to the church! After the baptism, we had a Linger Longer where everyone just stays after church and we have food and socialize and stuff. It was fun. We were all taking pictures with the Welch's since they are leaving. It was such a fun day though! Seeing Hope so happy after her baptism made me feel so much joy! This is why I am out here on a mission, to be able to see people come unto Christ and receive a fullness of joy when they follow Him! It brings me so much joy to know that Hope is following her Savior, Jesus Christ! The rest of church was really good! In sacrament meeting, some summer sales guys did a musical number. They told us about it when they fed us a few weeks ago and they kept saying "We hope it sounds good". They went up to sing and they sang Come, Come Ye Saints a capella. Everyone in the congregation was blown away! It was so good!!!

Monday was good. We did weekly planning at UC all day while the elders had our car. Once they came back we went to our apartment to finish planning. We had dinner with Courtney Marshall at Dewey's Pizza. Their pizza is so good! After dinner, we had a lesson with our friend Jake. He was a referral from a member in our ward. Justin came with us to the lesson and it went really well! We had FHE afterwards and Mindy taught some survival skills. She is seriously my favorite! We had a fire outside the church and made s'mores. It was really fun!

Tuesday was awesome! We finished weekly planning and prepared our training for District Council. We visited Bradi at her house. Bradi is a member and she is blind. She has slight disabilities but she is so funny! We absolutely love her! After Bradi's, we took some soup and juice to Sister Sclafani. She had a 102 fever and was really sick. Tuesday night, we went to Downtown Cincinnati to proselyte. It was so much fun! There were tons of people and we had a lot of good conversations! We walked down by all these restaurants to try to find YSA people. While we were walking, we hear someone go "Hey you two". I stopped and it was President and Sister Welch with Elder Hales and Elder Robinson! They all had dinner together and we happened to run into each other. It was really fun seeing them! We took pictures and talked with them for about 20-30 mins. It was great! It literally made my whole week! We continued to proselyte downtown and went to Smale Park and went on the Suspension Bridge.

Wednesday we had District Council. All three companionships gave our trainings on our 3 most effective ways of finding. We were super crunched on time so our training didn't go very well but it was fine. District Council is always super fun though! Our district is hilarious so we are always laughing. After District Council, I had a doctors appointment with the cardiologist. He showed me my results from the 2 day holter monitor I wore. He diagnosed me with Sinus Tachycardia which is pretty much just a fast heart rate. At times during the time I was wearing the monitor my heart rate reached 186 so that's pretty high. However, the average was around 97 so going by the average he said he's not worried about it and that he won't put me on medicine or anything. So yeah, turns out I'm fine! We went and got Chick-fil-a after and it was super good! We ate really late and went to have a lesson with Spencer. He said he was comfortable in his church so we stopped teaching him. We visited Tracy at her work. We hadn't seen her in a long time so it was really fun! Then, a member, Amara Brewer, had her mom just move to Ohio. We met her on Sunday and she found out that we don't get fed very often. So she said she would feed us on Wednesday. We were still super full from lunch and she made us a homemade rotisserie chicken with rice, gravy, and green beans. Oh my gosh it was so good!! I was dying though because I was so full haha! Her mom is really nice and said if we ever need any food, to ask her and she will feed us. It was really nice of her.

Thursday, the Welch's went home and we got our new mission president, President and Sister Ensign! We get to meet them next week on Wednesday! It'll be fun, I'm excited to meet them. All day Thursday we did a booth on campus. I was a little skeptical about it because it's summer semester but it was actually pretty successful! We talked to a lot of people and Megan, Mindy, and Justin came to help us. It was really good! It was pretty hot though. The humidity is going up and it's in the 90s now with like 80% humidity. It's pretty bad. But we got some people's phone numbers and had lots of good conversations so it was great!

Friday we walked a lot! We went to campus in the morning and contacted all morning long. We talked to quite a bit of people. At first we weren't talking to anyone because we would sike ourselves out and not talk to them. I got really frustrated with myself so we sat down for a bit and then said a prayer asking Heavenly Father to help us open our mouths and that we would be able to know what to say. It was a really hot day and my bag was heavy so it was rough. But we prayed for strength to get through it and I just kept reminding myself that if Christ could go through what He went through, I can certainly walk campus in the heat. It really helped strengthen me. We walked campus and had a goal to contact 7 people and we contacted 8! It was pretty awesome and Heavenly Father really answered our prayers that day and helped us get through it! We went to Downtown Cincinnati to proselyte and ran into Elder Hales and Elder Robinson again haha! We talked to them for a bit and they gave us some advice on where to go to find YSA people.

This week was so good and I'm loving my time here in Ohio! Sure love you all!

-Sister Roberts


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