June 17, 2019


Cincinnati YSA


Sister Hanah Peterson

New Transfer!!

Hey everyone!

This week was pretty good! So last Saturday we had transfer calls. Sister Frandsen is going all the way up to Beavercreek. I'm staying here in YSA and getting to serve with Sister Peterson! She and I came out at the same time but we weren't in the same MTC district. She's super nice! Sister Iverson is an STL! I totally knew it! We also have a new area being opened up in Downtown Cincinnati. It's an elder's area only because downtown is super sketchy. But it's a special assignment because the elders who will be serving there, Elder Hales and Elder Robinson, don't teach people. They just find all day long and refer people to other missionaries. It'll be super effective when they have Red's games and other games going on. It should be really cool!

Sunday we had church and Hope, Holly, and Makayla came!! It was super awesome! Holly accompanied Elder Merchant on the piano while he sang. It was seriously so good! She is an amazing pianist! We had dinner with some summer sales people, Josh, Sharah, and Brynn. They are hilarious and had us laughing the whole time! They had us teach Sharah how to teach the Restoration since she wants to go on a mission. It was a cool experience to be able to teach someone how to teach the Restoration. We went to a Missionary fireside in Montgomery and met some YSA people there. That was really fun!

Monday we had lunch with Holly so she and Sister Frandsen could say goodbye. She took us to eat at Noodles and Company. It was really good! She went on and on about her turtle Harold. It was so funny! She flipped when I told her that we have turtles back home haha it was hilarious! For FHE we played chair soccer. It was super fun! We all grabbed a chair and set it somewhere random in the gym and if your chair got hit by a soccer ball, you had to sit down. It was intense. I almost won a few times...don't ask me how haha! That night at home Sister Frandsen and I stayed up for a while making videos and just talking. It was really fun and sad because I will miss her a lot!

Tuesday was transfers. Cat took us and we stayed for a while talking to other missionaries. Mostly Sister Iverson haha it was good though. I picked up Sister Peterson and we headed back to the apartment. We pretty much walked and street contacted all day. It was a good day!

Wednesday we had District Council. It was super fun! Everyone from my last district abandoned me. So now it's me and Sister Peterson, the YSA Elders are Elders Wigington and Hoppe, and the downtown elders are Elders Hales and Robinson. It's such a fun district! We did a really fun role play on listening and yeilding to our companions. One companionship would get up to teach the Restoration and someone was "the spirit" and if you were talking and got tapped, you had to stop talking and your companion had to pick up where you left off, even if it was mid sentence. It was really cool! During the rest of the day we walked a lot trying to street contact again and then had dinner with Jocelyn. We went to Quatmans Cafe which is this really good burger place. Then we went to Institute really late. It was a good day though!

Thursday we checked out some places to do service at and then went to teach Justin a new member lesson. It was about the Restoration and it was a really good lesson! Justin spent all last week in ARIZONA! He went to the Gilbert temple and did baptisms! He got to baptize and be baptized! Then he went and visited MY FAMILY! He took a selfie with some of my pictures on the wall haha, he cracks me up! It's so cool that he got to meet my family but weird that he was actually at my house and I wasn't! 😂 We had dinner at Becca Dauns house. Their house is huge! They made us steak and potatoes and fed us watermelon for dessert! It was awesome! Becca is hilarious! We were all laughing the whole time! We went to ward coordination that night and it went good!

Friday we checked out some more service opportunities. Then we walked Montgomery Road and found a new person to teach! His name is Spencer. He likes to talk a lot but we gave him a Book of Mormon and invited him to read it and set up a return appointment! It was awesome! We then had a blitz with the Highland Heights sisters. It was good!

Saturday was our social media splits day. (That's why we switched our pday to Monday). We didnt get any posts on social media but we spent some time with Megan and Mindy and that was fun! The Western Hills AP's, Elders Horton (from YSA) and Young, had a baptism for someone who is YSA. So we got to go. It was a good baptism. Sister Peterson and I got pulled into singing a musical number for Zone Conference on Friday. We are singing with Elder Young who is super good so yeah...pray for us haha! It'll be fine though. We also started teaching MacKenzie! She is a member referral from her sister who lives in Utah! She took us out to dinner and we taught a bit of the Restoration and gave her a Book of Mormon! She said she will read it and we have another lesson with her next Saturday!

Sunday was good. Hope came to church and I had to give a talk...on Father's Day...about fathers...I cried the whole time. It is hard to be a missionary and give a talk about your dad! It went good though! I prepared a 15 min talk and only got to give about 7 mins of it since I went last. We called our dads for fathers day and that was fun! I got to talk to Braden too! We had dinner with some more summer sales people. It was super fun! Haylee Harrison is one of them and she looks like and reminds me of Halle K., haha! Anyways, it was super fun!

There have been crazy storms and floods all week! We have had lots of flash flood warnings and tornado warnings almost every day. We woke up one morning and it was really dark so I looked at the radar on my weather app and we were right in the red where there was a tornado warning! No sirens were going off so we were fine haha. I was a but freaked out though. But there are thunderstorms every day! It's crazy! Well that's about it for my week! Sure love you!

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