June 8, 2019


Cincinnati YSA


Sister Summer Frandsen

Miracles in YSA

Hey everyone!

This week was pretty good! Sunday we had church and our friends Holly and Jeremiah came! It was super awesome and they both enjoyed it. Some summer sales people picked up Jeremiah for us so we were really grateful for that! We coached the Western Hills sisters and it went really well! We have been coaching them for the past 3 weeks and it's been fun!

Monday was good. We had a lesson with our new friend Makayla! She is a miracle. She was a media referral from a member in another state. Our lesson went really good! She expressed how she just wants to gain greater faith and change her life around. So our lesson went really well!! She is super cool and is a really good basketball player. I'm so excited to continue to teach her! We traveled around her area trying to contact people after the lesson but there wasn't too much success. For dinner we went to Freddy's with Justin and Hope. Hope is being taught by the Pleasant sisters and will be getting passed off to us soon! She is seriously the best! We were laughing the whole time we were there! Then we had FHE after. We did a lip sync battle and it was actually super funny! All of us missionaries decided not to play since it was all songs being played on the radio. Justin got really into it and it was so funny!

Tuesday we had interviews. Mine went really well! My interview with Sister Welch went good. She was asking me about my heart problems and other stuff to get it figured out before they leave on July 1st. My interview with President was super good! We talked about how I can better feel the spirit. It was exactly what i needed and totally helped! He told me that Sister Frandsen is getting transferred but he didn't tell me who was coming here. It was kinda sad having our last interviews with the Welch's. After, we let the Elders use our car while we walked to Jimmy John's for lunch. It was pretty good! We had dinner with Hassan at Pleasant Ridge Chili. Hassan said the chili is super gross but the gravy cheese fries were the only good thing. So we got that. It wasn't too bad! Then we had a blitz with the Lakeside Park sisters. It was fun! We didn't find much success but it was still good.

Wednesday we had our last District Council together. It was actually kinda sad, but super good! I always love District Council! We took pictures afterwards and had a lot of fun doing that!! I'll attach them on the email! We had dinner with Holly and talked to her about the questions she had. We were going to teach the Plan of Salvation but she just went right into her questions so that was good! We talked a lot about temples. She went camping with a member and Holly was the one to drive home late at night. She went too far, all the way to Louisville so she woke up Matthew (the member) and he had to drive back the opposite way. They happened to be by the Louisville temple so he took her there. Holly has a hard time feeling the spirit but she said that while she was at the temple that she felt this warm and peaceful feeling inside and she felt like she belonged there!! It was such a cool experience for her! The lesson went really good and she kept expressing how she wants to go inside and see the temple so we gave her the Rome, Italy temple virtual tour video to watch. After our lesson, it started pouring rain and the sky turned green so we booked it out of there haha! Nothing happened thankfully, it was just super rainy and windy.

Thursday we had another lesson with Holly in the morning. We took Hassan with us and we taught her the Plan of Salvation. The lesson kinda went everywhere but it was good. We are going to go back and reteach it and clarify because it was so much all at once. We had weekly planning the rest of the day and then went to dinner at Megan and Mindy's house. They fed us hot pockets, salad, and Kit Kat ice cream cones. It was the best! They are our favorite members! We had missionary coordination meeting and it was super fun! It was our last one with Elder Merchant and Elder Horton. We were all laughing the whole time. Justin is a ward missioanty so he was there too! It was great!

Friday we had MLC. It was super good! Sister Iverson was there, I'm pretty sure she is going to be a Sister Training Leader next transfer! She is so ready for it! It was fun to have her there! We had a blitz with the Pleasant sisters and it was super good!! Hope committed to be baptized for sure on the 23rd of June!! We are so excited for her!! We had a lesson with our friend Allie. She is super quiet. The lesson was good, it was more of getting to know her since it was our first time teaching her.

Well, that was pretty much it for my week! We have transfer calls tonight and I will be finding out who my new companion is! Sure love you!

Sister Roberts


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