June 1, 2019


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Sister Summer Frandsen

June 1, 2019

Hey everyone!

This week was pretty good! On Sunday we had Holly come to church! It was great and she is seriously so awesome! Everyone in the ward loves her so she's getting great fellowship! After church we went street contacting and there was no one out side. Then it started pouring rain! Good thing we had umbrellas but we still had to hide under an apartment complex. It was pouring really hard! There have also been tons of tornadoes. Not in my area, thank goodness, but up in Dayton East in Beavercreek they had an F3 tornado and Elder Goodwine (from the MTC) and his companion got hit head on. They woke up in the middle of the night and heard sirens going off so they moved to downstairs. Then they suddenly had a strong feeling to get to the bathroom and right when they did, the tornado hit their apartment. It completely took off one of their walls, sucked their desk out a window and just wrecked their apartment but they stayed safe! Miracles happen!

Monday we had a lesson with Justin and asked him to pray for missionary opportunities and pray to find someone that he could invite to be taught by the Missionaries. It was a good lesson! Then we had a Memorial Day bbq at Megan and Mindy's house! It was so much fun! We went early to help set up and Tracy (who we are teaching) came early to help set up and stayed the whole time! We also invited someone who we are trying to teach. Her name is MacKenzie and she is super cute! She brought her pure bred golden retriever! He was so cute!! The bbq had a great turn out! There was lots of food and sports to play. It was lots of fun!

Tuesday we had 2 blitzes. The first one we had with the Montgomery sisters, Sister Hansen and Sister Hawker. I went with Sister Hansen, she trained Sister Iverson so we shared stories of her and laughed a lot! Sister Hansen is seriously so funny! We were laughing the whole time! We didn't find anyone to teach because no one was home but it was still fun! Then Sister Frandsen and I went and ate dinner at La Jaiba which is this super good authentic Mexican restaurant! They have really good street tacos! We then had a blitz with the West Chester sisters, Sister Clark and Sister Iverson! My dream came true because Sister Iverson and I were companions for 3 hours! Best 3 hours of my mission! We were both waiting so long for this time to come! It was seriously so much fun. It was weird because now we were actual missionaries doing actual missionary work instead of being in the MTC being trained and learning how to do missionary work. We visited a lot of people and updated each other on our lives. We didn't find much success in their area but it was still so much fun! We are both praying to be companions soon!

Wednesday we coached the Western Hills sisters on daily planning and it went pretty well! We also had District Council. Sister Frandsen and I gave a training on 50/50 teaching and companionship unity. It went really good! We took lots of district photos too. We did another blitz with the Pleasant STL's and I went with Sister Hinze. We had a great and very long conversation with these two ladies in their driveway. One of them was YSA age! We taught them bits and pieces of the gospel and got their numbers. It was great! I also got to drive so that was nice haha.

Thursday we coached the Western Hills sisters again on Weekly Planning. It was an hour and a half long coaching session but we helped them out a lot! Then we went and met one of the members, Chris, in Kentucky. His girlfriend flew in from North Carolina and he wanted us to meet her. So he bought us Cold Stone and we sat and talked for a while. It was pretty fun! Chris totally reminds me of one of my best friends, Treyce, so it's fun being around him 😂. Then we called a bunch of people and tried by a ton of potentials. We didn't contact much but it was alright. We had ward coordination which went really well! We got to talk about a lot of things so it was really effective!

Friday we did tons of Weekly Planning. We literally weekly planned all day. We made tacos for dinner and then tried by a lot of potentials. No one was home. Then our friend Hope, who is being taught by other sisters but should be getting passed off to us soon, came to basketball night at the church so we got to go with her. It was really fun! Some members from the Elders Quorum came and played ball. Then towards the end we played four square with the YSA elders, Hope, and another member. It was so much fun! It reminded me of the MTC when we would play four square during exercise haha! Hope had lots of fun so it was really good!

So these past 2 transfers in YSA have been kind of rough with finding people to teach and reaching our key indicator goals of having 1 person on date, 1 at church, and 2 new people to teach. We haven't hit those goals (aka standards) at all the whole time I've been here. both Sister Frandsen and I have worked so hard trying to find people and get people to church and on date for baptism but nothing has been coming out of it. This week, the Pleasant 1 Elders called us and said they had someone for us to teach. So they passed her off and we looked at her profile...and she is on date for baptism!! It was such a miracle! So now we have someone on date! Then we contacted this girl who Sister Frandsen met and taught on the street a few weeks ago and set up a return appointment so now she is a new person that we are teaching!! We are possibly having 3 people coming to church tomorrow and we just have to find one more person to teach by tomorrow night! Heavenly Father has definitely tried our faith these past two transfers and now He is blessing us for all of our hard work and diligence! It's so amazing to see how much our hard work has paid off! I know that Heavenly Father notices us and sees our efforts and blesses us when we work hard and are ready and worthy to receive blessings!

That's it for this week! Feel free to send me emails throughout the week! I would love to hear from you all! Sure love you!

Sister Roberts


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