May 20, 2019


Cincinnati YSA


Sister Summer Frandsen

Happy Mother's Day!

Hey everyone!

This week was really good! On Sunday we went to the Mission home for dinner. That was super fun! Calling Mom and the family was awesome. Braden was on at the same time so we got to talk to each other! That was super cool. I love that kid haha! He is such an amazing missionary! Unfortunately, the connection wasn't working so Braden got off so I could talk to Mom and then he could call later. President and Sister Welch came in and talked to my family for a bit. They are seriously the sweetest people ever! I love them. For dinner we had bbq chicken, macaroni and cheese, salad and fruit, and...shrimp. You know me, I DON'T eat seafood of any kind. But as a missionary, you eat what you are fed. ESPECIALLY at the Mission home when Sister Welch expects us to. So I grabbed one shrimp. It was fried so I was hoping that would help. Once everyone sat down, I looked at the other sisters plates and they didnt have any shrimp!! I seriously thought about just putting it back, haha! But I didn't! I knew I had to eat it so I took a bite...I hate to say it but it was actually really good! All is well, all is well. Being there with the other missionaries was lots of fun! We aren't allowed to hang out or be with other missionaries ever except for at church or mission meetings, but since it was Mother's Day, Sister Welch got away with it! We went around the table and talked about what our moms are like. Elder Ruddell, one of the AP's, is from Gilbert so when I mentioned that Mom and I worked at Steve's Krazy Sub together, he said he's been there! I got kinda excited haha! All the other missionaries left and Sister Frandsen and I stayed. I talked with Sister Welch while Sister Frandsen talked with President in his office. It was lots of fun!

Monday we did lots of planning and contacting. It was crazy how much we did but it was needed. We had dinner at a SUPER good pizza place called Dewey's Pizza. The Derenthal's from the Norwood ward took us. It was really fun! Then we went to FHE for a bonfire at Megan and Mindy's house. That was super fun! It was a cold day so the fire was nice. We had some sports and s'mores. Josh, a member, and Elder Merchant sang campfire songs. It was really funny!

Tuesday we had Zone Conference. It was really good! The trainings that were given were really good! We played a game on the 50 Preach My Gospel Key References that we have to memorize and we were with our districts competing against each other. Elders Merchant and Horton came up with the questions so they couldn't play. It was actually super fun! We had a guy from Salt Lake who is in charge of our Tiwi's come and speak to us. His name is Brother Roberts. I was sitting in the front row and he asked my name and when I told him, he flipped out haha! It was hilarious! Us and the YSA Elders gave a little talk about the YSA ward and why it's important to have those that are YSA age and being taught, to be taught and baptized in the YSA ward. Hopefully people will start passing off their YSA to us. It's so much better for them to be in the YSA. They progress so much more. Zone Conference was awesome!

Wednesday we went to Cinci East and North Zone Conference to talk about the YSA with them. It went well and we had about 5 sets of missionaries talk to us about YSA they had. It was great! Then we visited a recent convert named Jen at her work. It was fun to see her! We went and got ice cream with Hope, who is being taught by the Pleasant sisters but she is YSA so we are fellowahipping her in the ward. Hope is hilarious! We were laughing the whole time! I love her! We had dinner with some members and they made us hamburgers that were really good! It was lots if fun with them!

Thursday we did Weekly Planning and contacting all morning long. Pretty much until dinner time. We had lots to plan for and a lot of people to contact. After dinner we went to Western Hills to have a blitz with the sisters. Sister Frandsen went with Sister Thayn and I went with Sister France. I FINALLY got to drive! It was actually fun haha, I haven't really gotten to drive like at all my whole mission so it was nice. The blitz went really well! We had contacted lots of people and set up a return appointment with someone! It was super effective!!

Friday we taught a lesson with the YSA Elders and Justin to their friend Steven. The elders know that we are struggling finding people to teach so they passed Steven off to us. The lesson went well! Oh and Justin is out of the hospital and he is doing so good! We seriously love that kid, he is such a strong member! We had another blitz with the Norwood sisters. This one wasn't as effective as Western Hills but it was still good. We called a lot of people and contacted a lot of them! This guy named Travis is willing to meet with his after he is done coaching baseball so hopefully that works out! He seems super cool! We had Ward Coordination at the end of the night and stayed for basketball since Hope came. It was fun. Justin and I sat on the stage and talked while everyone else played. Since he just got out of the hospital and my heart wasn't good that day, we didn't play.

Saturday we met with Justin in the morning and had a really good talk with him. He is doing really good and is almost himself again. We talked about the General Conference talk from Sharon Eubank called "Christ: The Light that Shines in Darkness". It is a really good talk! Then we had a General Authority come to our mission! Elder Kevin S. Hamilton from the Area Seventy came and spoke to us about how to work with members and using Family History in finding. He had every missionary come up and shake his hand. It was so cool! The things he talked about were really helpful for our area! Sister Iverson was there and we sat next to each other! Oh my gosh it was so much fun! Before the meeting started we told stories and laughed a lot. It was so good to see her! We are doing a blitz with her and her companion at the end of this month so I'm so excited! The YSA ward went to the Cincinnati Reds baseball game. We were going to go but couldn't since Elder Hamilton was here. We played against the LA Dodgers and won! (Sorry Bailey 😂❤). After the game, the ward met at the church for pizza so we went. It was fun!

Yesterday we had Ward Council and ward choir. It was good. Church was really good. Hope came! It was awesome! We stayed after to talk with Bishop and while we were waiting, we met some summer sales guys and talked with them in the hallway. We talked with Ryan and Tate, they are hilarious! We talked about our missions and what has changed since they were on their missions. It was a fun conversation! We had dinner at Megan and Mindy's house. That was fun! They are seriously my favorite members! They said we are their favorite missionaries haha! We had a missionary fireside and Holly and Tracy came!! The fireside was good. I had to speak about the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus christ through Joseph Smith. I love Joseph Smith a lot so I got a bit emotional at the end. I also got to sing with my companion and some other went really well! I got to talk to President Welch afterwards and we had a good talk so that was good.

Well that's it for this week! Since Elder Hamilton came to our mission on Saturday, our pday is today (Monday) for this week! I hope you are all doing well! Love you!

Sister Roberts


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