May 11, 2019


Cincinnati YSA


Sister Summer Frandsen

Heavenly Father Helps Us Reach Our Goals!

Hello Everyone!

This week was great! On Monday we did lots of planning all morning long. Then we went and tried some potentials in the Area Book. Since UC is out of school for the summer, we have no people to try and contact on campus so we are trying to figure out some new ideas for finding. It's been a struggle but we have been able to come up with some creative ideas and get some ideas from previous missionaries who have served in this area. We had FHE and played a few games which was fun!

Tuesday we had Specialized Training which was good. There were a lot of missionaries who were new to the zone. Elder Ferrin, who I served with in Middletown, is now in our zone and also my old Zone Leader Elder Viel. It was good to see them! Then we had dinner with Sam and Kelsey at Panera. They are seriously so funny! We always have fun with them. We also coached the Kettering Sisters, who are in the same ward as Brother and Sister Dickson (from my ward back home)! It's fun coaching them.

Wednesday I got my heart monitor. The appointment was super short and they just hooked me up and I left. I had to keep a log of all the symptoms that I have, what time they were at, and what I was doing when they happened. It's kind of annoying but it helps haha! I only had to wear it for two days, thank goodness. Wednesday we walked a lot! We parked and walked to potentials all day. Of course, this was the day that Ohio decided to get hot. It was in the upper 80's with humidity so we were dying. The heart monitor didnt really help but I got a bit of a tan so that was good! We were able to talk to lots of people and invite them to the YSA ward and activities. It was good! We got a return appointment with a girl named Janaya! She is super sweet so we hope that works out! We had a goal of handing out two copies of the Book of Mormon and by the time we were walking back to the car, we hadn't handed out any. We hit our other goals and were working hard all day. There were these two lady's standing by their car so we stopped to talk to them. We ended up talking about the gospel and gave them EACH a Book of Mormon! It was awesome! We got to the car and didnt even realize that we reached the goal and then it hit us. We were really thankful for that! Heavenly Father was really aware of us that day and gave us the opportunity to reach our goal and helped us to recognize it. It was awesome!

Thursday we gave the elders our car so they could go to Kentucky to teach someone. We stayed on campus and did Weekly Planning. We planned a lot and got a lot done so that was nice. We had a video chat lesson with a recent convert and that went well. We also walked around campus and tried to contact some people but since it's summer semester, there was like no one there so it was rough. The elders got back around 3 and we drove around and visited potentials in Clifton Heights. We then went to Covington, KY and visited a referral from the Lakeside Park Elders. She wasn't home so we stayed in that area and contacted some people. It was fun!

Friday I got to drop off the heart monitor. That thing was super itchy especially since it was super hot the last few days. The nurse who put it on me had to use some heavy duty medical tape and when I had to take it off, it seriously felt like I was ripping my skin off, haha! It was kind of funny. But it was nice to get it off. We met with a recent convert, Jerusha, and had a lesson with her on the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The lesson went really well! We were able to refresh her memory on the lesson and had a really good conversation. We visited Justin in the hospital and he wasn't doing too good so we left after 15 minutes. We went to Ward Coordination and that was good. We have a new Ward Mission Leader and he's super cool.

Today (Saturday), Sister Welch came with us to see Justin in the hospital. Justin loves Sister Welch and looks to her like a Mom so it was a good visit and she helped him a lot. Sister Welch walked out with us and invited us to the Mission Home tomorrow for dinner! She said we can call our mom's for Mother's Day at their house also. The Western Hills missionaries and the AP's will be there so I am super excited! Janaya never answered our texts about the lesson today so it didn't happen. Hopefully we can get in touch with her soon!

Well that's it for my week! I hope you're all doing well. Sure love you!

Sister Roberts


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