May 4, 2019


Cincinnati YSA


Sister Summer Frandsen

My Experience with Prayer

Hey everyone!

This week was pretty good! School got out at UC so campus is dead. We have been doing a lot more lessons with members and trying to work through them to find more people to teach. It's been a lot slower but it is a lot more effective than finding through our own efforts.

Monday was a pretty chill day. We met with Justin at the Kenwood mall. It was a pretty wild experience. Justin was kind of struggling so it was an interesting visit. He called us crying because Elder Weaver, one of the missionaries serving in YSA, is getting transferred. He asked to talk to me and I had to try to calm him down. Then we made the decision of going to the mall to help him because he wanted to buy Elder Weaver a going away present. He ended up buying a super nice tie for him. Then we sat and read Mosiah 2:41 with Justin. It was good, he kept getting off track but we just had to keep bringing him back to the scripture. Overall, it was a good visit. Sister Welch gave us an extra hour of Pday on Monday since we helped her on Saturday with the missionary scrapbooks. So I called my mom for a few minutes and sent out some emails. That was fun! The rest of the day we did a lot of contacting people which went well. We also had FHE and Holly came! Holly also came to church on Sunday and that was super awesome! Everyone in the ward loves her! Sister Frandsen and I had to give a spiritual thought last minute. It went good. We shared "The Will of God" video (if you haven't seen it, you should watch it, it's really good!). Then we played some fun games.

Tuesday we ate some bomb tacos with Yoni. He takes us out to eat every week and he knows where all the good, authentic tacos are at. We ate at this place called La Jaiba and they have $1 tacos for Taco Tuesday. They were really good! Then we had Ward Coordination. Since Tuesday was transfers, Elder Weaver left and now we have Elder Horton. He is super cool! The meeting went good. Justin is in the hospital again. He is okay but he will probably be there for a while so just pray for him. We met with a guy named Richard at Skyline Chili to talk to him about missionary work. It went good and he is super open to sharing the gospel!

Wednesday we had District Council which was super good! Elder Stevenson, our new District Leader, gave a really good training on personal revelation. I really needed it! We went with the Norwood District to sing the mission song. While we were walking over to the room they were in, we heard tornado sirens go off. It was pretty creepy but nothing happened. We've had a few of them lately but nothing really happens. There have been thunderstorms almost every day so it's gotten pretty wet and humid. After district council, we drove to a members house to follow up with how she has been doing with sharing the gospel. Her name is Haley and she is super awesome! We then went to UC to pick up a member named Cat who was coming with us to a lesson with Holly. The lesson went really good! Holly has been studying the Book of Mormon really intently and so she had lots of questions that we were able to answer for her! Then we had a lesson with some members, Cameron and Jerusha. We talked about the Plan of Salvation and it was a really good discussion! When we came out of the lesson, it was pouring. But we had our umbrellas, thankfully.

Thursday we had a call with the missionaries in the mission who are serving in YSA so we could collaborate ideas for finding in the summer since school is out. It was a good call! We had a lesson with our friend Nathan at UC! It was a really good lesson and we read 1 Nephi 1 with him. He liked to stop and ask questions about everything and he asks REALLY good questions! We then drove all the way to Milford, which was about a 30-40 min drive, to have a lesson with a recent convert named Emily. We went to Panera and read the Book of Mormon with her. It was really good! Then we went to another members house, Ellen, and we had dinner with her and with our friend Hope, who is being taught by the Pleasant Sisters. We had a really fun time! Hope is hilarious! I really like her a lot! She has the most hilarious comments that you don't expect because she is so quiet! We then drove back and had a video chat lesson with another recent convert, Jen. She is super awesome! We talked a lot about how scripture study and prayer are really important.

Speaking of prayer, as you can tell by the subject, I have had a super awesome experience with prayer this week. Lately, I have felt that my prayers aren't as meaningful and that they have been super scatter-brained. So I have been working a lot on how I can make them more meaningful. I decided that I was going to think of some questions that I have and write them all down and ask them to Heavenly Father and then focus on one question each until I feel like I have received my answer. It has been a super awesome experience and I have been able to study for each question that I have had. As I pray, I sit and listen for a good 5 mins or so and just try to hear what Heavenly Father has to tell me. I have been able to write down my thoughts and impressions that I receive and I have found it to be very effective. My life has gotten so much easier and I have been able to feel the influence of the Holy Ghost better in my life!

Friday we had MLC and that was really good! I was able to follow along more to what was going on. We talked a lot about how we can better help those we are teaching to come to Sacrament meeting. It was really good! We had a dinner with a member named Bradi. She is almost completely blind and has a bit of special needs. She is my absolute favorite and is seriously so funny! She had 3 of her nonmember friends with her! They all had some sort of special needs. They were all so cute and fun to be around! We had Papa Johns pizza and were able to have some fun conversations with them! It was a good day!

Well, that was my week! My health is getting better and I am getting a heart monitor this Wednesday so that should be fun! I just have a huge testimony of the power of prayer and what it can do for us! Sure love you all!

Sister Roberts


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