April 27, 2019


Cincinnati YSA


Sister Summer Frandsen

Doctor after Doctor...

Hey everyone!

This week has been long. FIRST OF ALL....Justin was baptized!!! It was so awesome! The baptism went great! President and Sister Welch came and Elder Merchant baptized Justin. Justin has been kinda down lately but the day of his baptism he was seriously so happy. It was the best! He even brought his mom, brother, grandma, and grandpa (all who don't belong to our church) from Illinois. They all came to church AND his baptism! It was seriously so great! We had a lot of other sisters who previously served in this area and taught Justin, come to the baptism too. It was a great day! It was so neat to have him baptized on Easter Sunday!

Monday I went to see my Physician here in Cincinnati. He's a member of our church and knows lots of Missionaries and understands the day to day life of a missionary. The appointment went well. He asked lots of questions and pretty much said I just have Sinus Tachycardia, which means my heart just beats super fast. He's didn't seem too worried about it so that's good. We had lunch with a member and went to get Mexican food. It was pretty good! We also went to Family Home Evening and taught the lesson with the elders about member missionary work. It was super good! We then watched tons of old church films which were pretty funny. We had to leave early to go to exchanges with the Hebron sisters. Sister Christensen came to YSA for the morning and then we went to Hebron the rest of the day.

Tuesday I had ANOTHER doctor's appointment to get and Echocardiogram. It went okay. My heart rate was 141 so they were worried but we just walked a bunch so I was a bit tired. The Echo was good, I just layed there on the bed while the nurse did her thing. We were in Hebron the rest of the day trying by potentials and had a few lessons. It was pretty good! Sister Christensen was super quiet so it was kinda awkward but it was fun.

Wednesday I had ANOTHER doctors appointment. This time I went to the Cardiologist. It was at 8am and we had to be there 30 mins early so we had to be up at 6am to be ready and leave in enough time to get there. It was rough. The appointment went good. My heart rate was a lot slower and they did another EKG which was clear. The doctor came in and said I'm going to have to wear a heart monitor in two weeks but I only have to wear it for 2 days. Then he wants to see me again in the middle of June. It's still a long process so we will see how it goes! My health is doing better though and I'm able to do a bit more.

Thursday Sister Frandsen wasn't feeling super good so she slept from like 10-11:30 while I coached the Sydney Sisters on planning. The coaching went really well! We've been coaching them for about 3 weeks now. We met with Audrey and her friend Ha. Ha is in one of Audrey's classes and is doing her final paper on a play. Some of the characters in the play are members of the church so she had lots of questions. We ended up teaching her so many principles! There was a lot of false doctrine so we had a lot of clearing up to do. It was cool though! Justin was with us. I seriously love this kid, he has been out with either us or the elders, teaching people since he has been baptized. It's awesome!

Friday we went on campus and caught up on a bunch of contacting and some videos we are required to watch. We tried to talk to some people but no one was super interested. We went to visit a less active member named Amara. She is super nice and we had a fun time talking to her! We shared our favorite conference talks with her and she really liked it. She loves reading the conference talks. We then had ward coordination. Our new ward mission leader, Sam, is a great ward mission leader! We were able to talk about all of the people we are teaching and get some things figured out, so that was good! From about 8pm-10pm we worked on the missionary scrapbooks project that Sister Welch gave us last week. We organized it a lot and got a lot done!

Today we went to the mission home and did more of the scrapbooks with Sister Welch. It was super fun! We also went to lunch with Sam, the ward mission leader, and his girlfriend Kelsey. They are both hilarious so it was lots of fun! We are having transfer calls tonight and I'm pretty sure I'm staying here, thank goodness! I really don't want to get transferred out of this area. I LOVE the YSA ward! Tonight we are having dinner with Amara and the Relief Society president, which should be fun!

Well that's it for my crazy week! This has been the fastest transfer of my mission so far. Even with all my health problems, it's still been super fast. It really doesn't feel like I've been out for 5 months but time flies and I'm loving every minute of it! Feel free to send me emails, I miss hearing from everybody and LOVE emailing you all!! Sure love you!

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