April 20, 2019


Cincinnati YSA


Sister Summer Frandsen

Lunch and a Movie with Pres & Sis Welch

Hey everyone!

This week has been much better! Although I've still been having chest pains and a fast heart rate. I went to the doctor this week and they said that my heart rate is fast, it was 127, so they referred me to a cardiologist and sent me some information to get an Echocardiogram. My appointments are for next week so hopefully everything works out!

We did another booth on campus this week! It was super awesome and we got some people to teach! We had some super solid conversations with some people about the gospel. We put another question on the whiteboard that said "Is there life after death?" We talked to this guy named Nathan and he was super interested in Joseph Smith and just everything about the Restoration! It was awesome! We had a lesson with him on Friday and it was super good! He told us that he just wanted to meet with us and he has an open mind to everything we have to say. It was super awesome! Overall, the booth was successful! We went and got sushi afterwards with someone that we are teaching. I absolutely hate sushi so I got a roll with rice and vegetables. As for the's a no from me.

We had Presidents Interviews this week and it went well. I basically just spent my whole interview talking about my current health problems. I got a blessing from President Welch after interviews. It was a such a great blessing and so comforting, I really needed it! President and Sis Welch were pretty concerned that my heart rate was so fast so after interviews they had us go to the mission home with the them. They picked up Panera for us and we had lunch with them at the mission home! It was so fun! Then, we organized some missionary scrapbooks for Sister Welch. President Welch turned on a church movie for us and said that if the scrapbooks got too stressful for us, that we could just relax on their couch and watch the movie. We were so shocked! They told us not to feel bad because he told us to! It was funny! Sis. Welch made some calls and was able to get my next doctor's appointment moved up to that afternoon so we just stayed at the mission home for a few hours until it was time to go to my appointment that day.

We visited Justin a lot and he's doing good! He is still working through all of it but overall he is doing good! We took some pictures with him too! We gave him his own set of scriptures for his baptism and he loved it! He was super excited! Justin is getting baptized tomorrow!!! I am so excited! Justin has come such a long way and his testimony has grown so much!! We love him to pieces!

That's about all for this week! I love and miss you all!!

Sister Roberts


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